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How to Manage your account using MyJio (Prepaid)
How to Activate JioTune Using the MyJio App (English)?
Ultimate Guide & Tips to get started & manage your Jio connection
How to Manage your account using MyJio app?
View and Redeem Cashback Voucher
How to Manage Jio Account with Self - Care Options?
How to Manage your Data Usage on your 4G Smartphone?
How to redeem voucher using MyJio app English
How to activate upcoming plans using MyJio app
How to Recharge Jio number using MyJio app?
How to Change MyJio App Language?
How to install JioTV app?
How to watch Live TV channels or programs on JioTV?
How to find programs or channels on JioTV?
How to adjust video quality, lock/unlock, mute the screen and change the channels?
How to mark favourites, set reminders and recordings on JioTV?
How to watch past 7 days programs?
How to pause/ resume, rewind/ forward and go live on JioTV?
How to share programs with your social network on JioTV?
How to watch favourite programs, channels and recorded programs?
How to pause a program on one device and resume on any device?
How to set app language in Jio TV?
How to use Chromecast feature on JioCinema?
How to download a video on JioCinema?
How to rate & review JioCinema?
How to search for TV show episodes of a particular month or season on JioCinema
How to search for a movie, TV show or music video in regional language with JioCinema
How to add a movie to My Watchlist
How to resume watching a video on any device on JioCinema
How to change video quality for streaming videos on JioCinema
How to search any content on JioCinema
How to change app theme on JioCinema
How to download and register on JioChat?
How to connect with your friends on JioChat?
How to connect with your group on JioChat?
How to do video and audio call from JioChat?
How to invite friends on JioChat?
How to view and share trending videos on JioChat?
How to interact with your favorite brands on JioChat?
How to give a feedback to JioChat team?
How to search for Deals and Offers on JioChat?
How to shop from your favorite brands on JioChat?
How to transfer money from JioChat?
How to link JioMoney to JioChat account?
How to book a cab on JioChat?
What are the Features of JioCall App?
How to Download and Install JioCall App?
How to Install JioCall App Using JioFi Device?
What is Rich Call Feature in the JioCall App?
How to Make Rich Call using JioCall App?
What is In-Call share feature of JioCall App?
How to share In-Call Sketches?
How to use In-Call location share feature of JioCall App?
What is Unified Messaging feature of JioCall?
How to Send chat & SMS Using Unified Messaging Feature of JioCall?
How to Set JioCall as the Default Messaging App?
How to Make Audio & Video Conference Calls on LTE Phones?
How to Configure Call Forwarding & Waiting Services using JioCall ?
How to Add Songs to Playlists on JioSaavn
How to Add a Song to the Queue on JioSaavn
How to Download and Listen to Songs in the Offline Mode on JioSaavn
How to Save Songs to Library on JioSaavn
How to set a song as JioTune on JioSaavn?
How to Select Preferred Language on JioSaavn
How to Switch to Offline Mode in JioSaavn
How to View History and Recently Played on JioSaavn
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