International Services

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With Jio's network spanning 160+ countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond, go anywhere and stay connected seamlessly.

Perfected for foreign trips

To start enjoying international services as soon as you land, recharge your mobile number with an IR plan before setting off.

One-click activation

Usage tracking in real-time

Coverage in 160+ countries

Low PayGo rates

Check IR usage in near real-time

You can check all your international usage on the go using the MyJio app.

Download MyJio on your phone

Get MyJio from Play Store/App Store on any Android/Apple device.

Select My Usage in MyJio's menu

You can check your usage details from My Usage in the menu.

Check call, SMS, and data details

Each call, SMS, and data usage update would be tagged as 'Roam'.

Need guidance?

While roaming abroad, contact us for any support related to International Roaming at +91 7018899999 (Toll Free).
Key points to remember

Key points to remember

If you’re activating the International Roaming (or IR) pack for the first time, ensure your number is connected to the Jio network.
To reduce data usage, turn off or restrict background apps that refresh or update automatically.
To enjoy Wi-Fi Calling benefits, enable Wi-FI Calling on your device. Before that, check here if your device is compatible.
Turn on your device when you reach your destination and ensure data roaming is switched on.
If not able to register your device with the roaming network automatically, select the available network manually.
Keep the User Guide handy all the time to refer to while travelling abroad.

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International services by Jio

Whether you're planning an international trip or looking to stay connected with loved ones overseas, Jio is your go-to for seamless global connectivity.
International Roaming
Jio offers International Roaming plans with inclusive calling and SMS services. Simply, recharge your Jio SIM with an International Roaming plan before your departure and get connected upon landing at your destination.
In-flight Connectivity
For those airborne moments, explore Jio's in-flight connectivity for internet access, outgoing calls, and SMS at 20,000 feet above ground. Just ensure that your chosen In-flight Connectivity pack covers your airline and route before purchasing.
ISD Services
Need to connect with your loved ones living abroad? Jio's ISD services cater to your global communication needs from within India. Here you get discounted ISD call rates, talk-time benefits, FREE SMS, and convenient top-up vouchers.
With Jio's network spanning 160+ countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond, go anywhere and stay connected effortlessly. Benefit from the lowest PayGo rates, and easily monitor your international usage in real-time on MyJio.