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  • 6G & Beyond

    6G beyond

    6G wireless communication networks will be the backbone of the digital transformation of networks by providing ubiquitous, reliable, and near-instant wireless connectivity for humans and machines. With global coverage, strong security, and pervasive AI, 6G networks bring the human and physical world closer to each other for the benefits of society. While there is an overlap between 5G evolution and 6G technologies, there are some unique aspects of 6G which are described in the whitepaper along with use cases.

  • Cloud Native 5G Core

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    The transition to the 5G networks will lead to a radical transformation in the business model of telecom operators and enterprises. Mobile networks were designed for end users to consume voice, SMS, web browsing and video streaming services. However, 5G expands the market by encapsulating an industry centric approach to the end consumer. This Whitepaper provides deep insights into transformation of telecom networks as they embrace the 5G Core Network and the best practises through cloud native adoption.

  • Cloud Native IT in Telecom

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    Jio Platforms is on the leading edge of cloud native development and is recognized as a key ecosystem Partner for Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud Platform. New technology capabilities are deployed using truly cloud native platforms built from scratch ensuring backward compatibility of all OSS/BSS functions. It covers why Jio’s cloud native approach is so superior, CNFs versus VNFs from an operations standpoint and how CSPs can make a transition from VNFs to CNFs through NMS, OSS & FMS.

  • Autonomous Operations

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    Automation of existing telecom processes is the key to successful implementation of Enterprise 5G use cases.The Autonomous Operations can impact the role of telecommunications in assuring the success of the digital transformation by enabling more responsiveness to the verticals in exploiting their business, in terms of operations efficiency and new revenue opportunities. This case study covers the Autonomous Operations stack of Jio which improved the network efficiency, performance, customer experience and helped identify opportunities of new revenue streams for 5G use.

  • 5G Innovation

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    Jio being one of the largest VOLTE only networks in the world, with 425+ million customers, and carrying traffic volume of over 140 Mn GB/day; deeply understood the design and operational challenges faced by telecom operators. To accommodate various use-cases proposed in 5G, it is important that the core network should be architected with inherent flexibility and efficiency. Jio envisioned future networks to be a fundamental component for all parts of society and industries, fulfilling the communication needs of humans and machines.

  • Enterprise Automation

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    Automation of existing telecom processes is key for implementing a broad range of Enterprise 5G Use Cases. AI and Enterprise Automation must work hand in hand for this transformation to sustain. This case study covers how Jio Platforms has deployed automation along with AI/ML in the network to achieve economies of scale. Jio’s Enterprise Automation Stack enhances smart operations, self-configuring, self-managing, self-healing, current and future technologies. This automatically manages and maintains network service performance aligned with customer demand, capacity and cost.

  • vProbes Solution

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    For 5G cloud-native networks, traditional probing solutions are insufficient and needs to re-imagine the way 5G networks are managed. 5G enables network slices, auto scaling, edge deployments, and cloud native services. A full-stack 5G solution is needed to deliver an integrated experience for network operations. This whitepaper discusses an effective probe and monitoring strategy which gathers network data while simultaneously implementing a real-time data analytics solution, enabling operators to improve the customer experience, identify new revenue opportunities, maintain lower support costs, and enhance network efficiency.

  • 5G Implementation

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    As technology is evolving, the need for digitising society and industries has become a key enabler for economic progress. Jio has established itself as a global first in being a self-sufficient and cloud-native carrier, which is poised not only to deploy the largest 5G network in India – but also offer its products to other customers abroad without any dependency on 3rd party providers. Jio has an evolved 5G product portfolio and embraces technologies-IoT and Blockchain for building next generation products.

  • Management & Orchestration Platform

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    The Jio MANO Platform simplifies operations by replacing a traditional, high-touch management model with a next-generation, programmable and, virtualised model which works on the concepts of zero-touch operations. Jio's converged and cloud-native MANO platform supports not only virtualised but also containerised workloads at the data centre as well as the network EDGE sites concurrently. The Platform enables the provisioning of fast, on-demand services over hybrid networks - making sure traditional networks are “NFV-Ready.

  • 5G Policy Operation Centre

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    The capability to securely slice the network is at the core of monetizing innovative 5G business models in the next few years. The market potential for enterprise private networks is estimated to increase multifold in the next 5years and private 5G networks are going to contribute to a significant portion of this. This paper discusses all types of policies and configurations required to realize any 5G Use Case, how it can be applied to Operator’s 5G Network, and how Jio’s Policy Operations Centre orchestrates the network.

  • Connected Drones

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    With network slicing technology, 5G eMBB and uRLLC network can radically transform the way drones can be used from a remote location. With 5G, drone operators can adapt to redefine and proliferate the ecosystem for completely autonomous unmanned flights. 5G Connected Drones solution will take leverage of eMBB and uRLLC network slices for device and application user authentication, service definitions, policy and charging control, etc. With a 5G network, Jio Platforms is well poised for delivering a ‘Digital Sky Services’ broker between all ecosystem stakeholders.

  • Spirent Jio 5G Core

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    This case study depicts the performance of Jio Platforms Cloud Native 5G Core products. The performance tests were measured for both optimum Control & user plane performance considering a basic building block of the 5G core which can be scaled out in the cloud environment. Spirent Landslide is a Mobile Packet Core performance test system that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to quickly achieve the test objectives. This test sets a landmark of the highest qualified product with Spirent Landslide.

  • Quantum-Safe Solutions

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    With the advancements in the field of Quantum Computing, hackers now can conduct complex mathematical computations at a lightning-fast speed. This creates a serious challenge for cyber security. With quantum computing, breaking the current standard cryptographic encryption algorithm becomes simple for an attacker.Jio's Quantum-safe Solutions provide a suite of security platforms to make your security future-proof.