Stay Safe. Stay Connected. Stay Productive.
With Love, From Jio.

  • As we practice social distancing, the way millions of us communicate with our friends, families, businesses and communities will change.
  • At Jio, our teams are committed to working round the clock to connect your homes, offices, schools, colleges and healthcare centres, so that we all can continue to work, learn and stay safe.
  • Here are few digital enablers from Jio keeping you connected, despite the distance.

Using Reliance Foundation Covid-19 India tool

Work from Home

  • Hold meetings, have collaborative conversations and share files, wherever individual members of your team are.
  • Boost your productivity with meeting recording, screen sharing and remote collaboration on documents.
  • A one-stop solution for all your communication needs, with unlimited messaging, scheduling, chat and search capabilities.

Learn from Home

  • Go beyond just video calling. Become a power user with scheduled classroom sessions, document and screen sharing and informal chat channels for real-time doubt clarification.
  • Build a communications hub for all lessons in a school year, with free storage available for individuals and teams.
  • A solution that’s a digital hub for teaching and professional learning, fostering educators and students to keep learning and asking the right questions.

Health at Home

  • Medical consultation right at home. Connect with physicians and doctors in real-time for virtual visits.
  • Simple, secure collaboration and communication with chat, video, voice, and healthcare tools in a single hub.
  • Communicate patient updates in real time through connections to electronic health records, business and office apps.

Symptom CheckerReliance Foundation Covid-19 India tool

  • Check your symptoms, right at home with the Reliance Foundation Covid-19 India tool.
  • Stay informed and stay safe. Continuously stay up to date with real-time information on the Corona Virus situation.

Using Reliance Foundation Covid-19 India tool

MyGov Corona Helpdesk

  • Connect with the Government of India’s Official Corona Helpdesk.
  • Message “Hi” to +919013151515, to contact the MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp for all your queries.
  • Get the right information, eliminate rumours.