JioBusiness International Roaming Terms & Conditions

International Roaming

Unlimited IR Packs:
IR Pack MRP (₹) Validity (Days) Pack Benefit
IR Pack 5755751 Unlimited Outgoing Local Calls (calls made within the roamed country), Calls to India, Incoming calls, Data usage and SMSs in 22 countries.
IR Pack 287528757Refer country and applicable partner network list in below table.
IR Pack 5751575130(Commercial Usage Limit is applicable for the unlimited pack benefit. Check the details in below instructions)
Pack benefits (applicable for IR pack 575, 2875 and 5751):
IR usage leg Unit Within Commercial Usage limit Beyond Commercial usage limit
Incoming Calls ₹/Min Free Free
Outgoing Local Calls ₹/Min Free Standard IR rate
Outgoing Calls to India ₹/Min Free Standard IR rate
Outgoing International Calls ₹/Min Standard IR rate Standard IR rate
Outgoing SMS ₹/SMS Free Standard IR rate
Data ₹/10KB Free (at high speed) Free (64 Kbps speed)
Commercial usage limit:

Applicable for IR 575 and IR 2875 packs:-Voice (outgoing local calls + outgoing calls to India) 100 minutes/day, 100 SMS/day, and Data 250 MB/day at high speed-thereafter at 64 Kbps.

Applicable for IR 5751 pack:- Voice 1500 minutes (outgoing local calls + outgoing calls to India), 1500 SMSs and Data 5GB at high speed- thereafter at 64 Kbps, for 30 days pack validity period.

Beyond commercial usage limit as specified for the Outgoing Local calls within a visited country, Call to India and Outgoing SMS for the respective pack, usage will be charged at standard IR rates. Please check standard IR rates at 'International Roaming Tariff' on

Pack Countries and Preferred Partner Network (applicable for IR pack 575, 2875 and 5751):
  • The pack benefits are applicable while travelling to the country covered in pack benefit and on pack partner network specified for the respective country.
  • Partner Name for the respective pack country is specified below.
Country Applicable Partner Name Handset Display
Australia Optus Optus AU /Optus
Australia Telstra Telstra Mobile /Telstra
Canada Bell Mobility Bell
Canada Telus TELUS
Czech Republic O2 O2- CZ
Denmark Hi3G 3 DK
Germany Telefonica O2- de/E-Plus
Indonesia Hutchinson CP 3
Ireland Meteor IRL-Meteor/Meteor
Italy Telecom Italia TIM
Malaysia Maxis MY MAXIS
Netherlands KPN NL KPN
New Zealand Spark Spark NZ
Philippines Smart SMART
Portugal NOS NOS
Singapore M1 SGP-M1/M1
Singapore StarHub Pte Ltd. StarHub
Singapore TPG TPG SG
South Korea SK Telecom KOR SK Telecom /SKT
Spain Telefonica Movistar
Sri Lanka Hutchison Hutch
Sri Lanka Mobitel Mobitel LK
Thailand True Move TH 3G+
Turkey Turkcell TR Turkcell/TCELL
United Arab Emirates DU DU
United Kingdom Hutchison 3 UK
United Kingdom Telefonica O2 - UK
United States AT&T AT&T
United States T-Mobile T-Mobile/td>
United States Verizon Verizon
Other IR pack and its benefit:
IR Pack MRP (₹) Validity (Days) Monetary Value (₹)
IR Pack 1101 1101 28 ₹ 933.05

Please Note:

  • The Monetary value can be used for voice calls, SMS and Data usage while on International Roaming only. Please check applicable IR rates at
  • The pack also offers 5 International SMSs (ISD SMS) free in addition to the talk time benefit
Terms and Conditions:
  • Outgoing call benefits are not applicable for calling premium-rate numbers/special codes/Maritime/Satellite/Ship Cruise or Inmarsat.
  • IR pack (575, 2875 & 5751) validity, calculation of usage and commercial usage limit will start from the commencement of usage in International roaming.
  • The daily commercial usage limit time starts from the commencement of usage and it follows 24 hours rolling validity. It means if the pack usage is started from 10.00 AM (visited country local time), the commercial usage limit will reset next day at 10 AM (visited country local time)
  • For IR Pack 2875 (7 day validity) the commercial usage limit reset behaviour is same as for daily validity pack IR 575.
  • Jio customer subscribes to IR pack 2875, and travels to UAE. Starts using IR services in UAE at 10:00 AM (UAE time) on 1stMay, 2018. The pack validity starts at 10:00 AM (UAE time) on 1st May, 2018. Daily commercial usage limit cycle starts from 10.00 AM (UAE time), and gets reset next day at 09:59:59 AM. And, follows the reset cycle till 8th May, 2018 10:00 AM (UAE time)
  • The pack benefits are applicable while travelling to the country covered in pack benefit and on pack partner network specified for the respective country. Please check pack details for the list of pack covered country and preferred partner networks for the respective country. On visiting all other countries or on latching to networks of partners not mentioned in the pack details, standard IR rates, as available on will apply.
  • For Jio customer if you want to use IR service in 120+ countries, you can buy the IR pack even when you are in an international location. Click here for applicable list of countries
  • Calling US toll-free numbers starting with 1800, 1833, 1844, 1855, 1866, 1877 & 1888, while on International roaming in US will be charged at local rate of ₹2/min. The international roaming customers calling these numbers from any other country apart from US will be charged at applicable Rest of World (ROW) PayGo Rates for the said country.
  • On first time subscription of the IR pack customer IMSI will change.
  • 1 SMS = 160 characters. In case, you send more than 160 characters in 1 SMS then the rates will be applicable accordingly
  • Jio reserves the right to amend or withdraw the offer without prior notice
  • As per DOT directions, International Roaming services are not permitted for prepaid customers of Assam, North East and Jammu & Kashmir
  • Data services can be switched off from the mobile handset, in case customers do not wish to use data usage
  • Data STOP/barring request to Jio for local usage is different from data STOP/barring request to Jio for international roaming. In the event a Jio Customer has engaged the Data Barring service via Jio in India for local usage, the same shall not be applicable while on roaming, and data remains 'ACTIVE' on customer's number once connecting to the partner network in an international location. In case the customer wants to deactivate data services while on international roaming, the same needs to be done from the handset
  • Once a customer has got the data stopped on International Roaming, he/she needs to activate the data service on his/her handset to avail the data service. Activation of IR pack shall not automatically activate the data service on International Roaming
  • Customer's International Roaming usage is shared by the international operators with Jio regularly. In case, there is a delay in sharing this information, the usage charges may display in the subsequent bills (up to 3 bills). (Applicable for Postpaid customers)
  • Caller Line Identification Number (CLI) is not guaranteed while the International roaming packs are active
  • Video calling service is not available on International Roaming currently. Availability of the service and charges for the same will be informed once the services are available
  • In case, call forward is active on a mobile number, customer will be charged for both Incoming and Outgoing leg as per IR rates, if call gets forwarded as per forward conditions. Customer must cancel/deactivate the 'call forward before leaving home network
  • To deactivate call forwarding, go to Settings -> Call -> Advance settings -> Call forwarding. Please note the navigation might differ on different handsets.
  • Jio bears no responsibility for the network quality of the partner network service providers in the visited country at respective locations
  • These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Jio and each customer and by subscribing to the Pack, the customer accepts the same as binding upon him/her
  • The terms and conditions of usage of Jio, so far as the same are not inconsistent with the present terms and conditions, continue to be applicable upon you as a user of the mobile services
  • Jio will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Pack or any aspect thereof, in compliance with applicable TRAI Regulations, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, technical difficulties, or any other reasons beyond Jio's reasonable control. If Jio suspends or cancels the Pack, all aspects of the Pack shall be null and void. Jio will not be liable to compensate any customer for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Pack
  • Please note that the statements in these terms and conditions do not constitute any general representation from Jio regarding Jio's services or its availability. Jio's network is available on an 'as is where is available' basis and Jio makes no representation, guarantee or warranty regarding the availability, fitness for any specified purpose or error-free operation of the network. Network availability may be affected due to various reasons including force majeure, acts of God, inclement weather, topographical/ geographic/ demographic factors, maintenance work, availability of interconnection with other networks, etc.
  • Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Jio and the customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai alone
  • VoLTE International Roaming is available, in select countries on select partners, on all packs and Paygo tariffs. The applicable tariffs remain unchanged. Please check the country/partner for availability of VoLTE
Following is the list of Countries and our Partner network where we offer this service:
Country Operator
Austria Hutchison
Canada Telus
Canada Bell
Denmark Hutchison
Finland Elisa
Finland Telia
Hong Kong CSL
Indonesia Smartfren
Japan KDDI
Japan Softbank
Japan NTT
Jersey Jersey Telecom
Korea SKT
Korea Korea Telecom
Korea LG U+
Singapore TPG
Sri Lanka Dialog
Sweden Hutchison
Taiwan APT
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile
USA Verizon
USA T-Mobile
Vietnam Viettel