Unable to make video calls. What do I do?
Follow the below given steps to solve the problem you may be facing in order to make a video call.
  • Check if you have an active plan and verify if data services are enabled on your handset and also on the one on which you will be making the video call.
  • Check your data balance quota. If you have consumed your quota of high speed internet, your video call will get converted into a voice call by default. To resume the high speed internet services immediately, recharge with our 4G Data Voucher else your high speed data will be resumed as per your plan.
  • Is the called party a Non-Jio number, then video calls to other network is currently not supported.
  • Check if your handset compatible to make Video calls
  • Check if video calling is supported on the handset used by the receiving party.
  • If both the Jio numbers are using a handset which does not support video calls install JioCall App to make or receive video calls
  • If either of them can't connect to the internet, you won't be able to use Video Calling. Experiencing slow internet click here
If your phone meets the criteria mentioned above and you still can't video call, please chat with us.
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