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Will the additional 100GB data coupon, under the “Jio Redmi Go Offer”, be added to my daily/monthly data limit automatically whenever I perform a recharge?
The 10GB additional data coupon will have the same validity as per their respective base plans.
For example, if you have done a recharge of Rs. 198/- on 1st May, 2019 and your base plan has validity of 28 days, the validity of the coupon shall be till 28th May, 2019. If the coupon that is credited to your account is redeemed on 3rd May, 2019, you can use the 10GB additional data coupon for 26 days (till 28th May, 2019). Similarly, if you redeem the coupon on 15th May, 2019, the 10GB additional data coupon will be valid for 14 days (till May, 2019).
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