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How and when can I redeem the cashback & additional 100GB data under “Jio Redmi Go Offer”?
  • Cashback benefit - You will receive 44 discount coupons of Rs.50 each in your MyJio app by performing a successful recharge of Rs. 198/- or Rs.299/- prepaid plans offered by Jio, on the eligible device, within the offer period. The discount coupon, if unused, will expire by 31st March, 2023.
  • Additional 100GB data benefit - You will get the applicable 10GB additional data coupon every time you perform a recharge of Rs. 198/- or Rs.299/- for a maximum of ten (10) successful recharges performed on or before 10th November 2020. The 10GB additional data coupon will be credited within 72 hours of every successful recharge and can be accessed under the ‘My Coupon’ section of the MyJio application. You need to redeem the coupon to activate the same. The 10GB additional data coupon will expire if not redeemed within three (3) months from date of credit.
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