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What is “Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM – Jio Cashback and Partner Coupons Offer – 2019”?
“Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM – Jio Cashback and Partner Coupons Offer – 2019” entitles you to a cashback of Rs. 2200 and a Cleartrip coupon for Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM device by performing a recharge of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- Jio prepaid plan on or after 25th September, 2019. For Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM customers, upon first successful recharge of Rs.198/Rs.299, 44 discount coupons of Rs.50 each will be credited in MyJio app which can be redeemed, one at a time per recharge, against subsequent recharges of Jio plan of Rs.198 / 299, via MyJio App only. The first recharge has to be performed by the eligible subscriber during the subsistence of the offer.
Nokia 7.2 Dual SIM customers would also get the following: After 1st successful recharge of Rs.198/- or Rs.299/- on an eligible device, customer will receive in MyJio app Cleartrip coupon code, which can be used for subsequent bookings to get cashback up to Rs 3000/- and Zoom Car coupon code to avail discount upto Rs. 2000/-
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