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Can I activate the International Roaming service after reaching another country? If yes, what settings do I need to check on my device?
If you are activating IR service for the first time and would like to enjoy seamless IR service across all 169 countries, then it is required that you purchase IR pack being registered to Jio network in India for 4 hrs after purchasing the pack. Your phone will have to be restarted for your request to be processed.
However, if you want to use IR service only in the below listed 100+ countries, you can buy the IR pack even when you are in international location. After the pack purchase, your phone will stop receiving signals once activation process begins. Your phone will have to be restarted for your IR settings to be processed.
Click Here for applicable list of countries

Post Pack Purchase ( Prepaid & Postpaid) /IR Activation (Postpaid) in the below mentioned countries, if you are unable to register to network then follow the below steps:
  • Step 1 :
    • Go to Settings –> Carriers –> and select “Automatic”
    • Go to Settings –> Mobile Data –> and select Data Roaming as "ON"
  • Step 2 : In case SIM does not register to network automatically, select the network manually from the handset settings menu
    • Settings –> Carrier –> switch off automatic  –> select available operator (refer to the list of operators in above PDF
  • Step 3 : Incase SIM still does not register to network after following Step 1 & Step 2 then switch iPhone on International IMSI
    • Home –> Settings –> Phone –> SIM Application –> International Roaming -> OFF
  • Step 1 : Ensure that in your mobile device, the 'Preferred Network' type is set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE
  • Step 2 : If Device does not register automatically then turn off 'Automatic' and select 'Available network'
    • Settings –>More->Mobile network-> Network Operators (refer to the list of operators in above PDF)
  • Step 3 :If still not registered then look for Jio4G/ STK available on Device Home screen select STK /Jio4G Menu
    • Within STK / Jio4G select International Roaming and select "OFF"
    • Wait for 5 minutes and device will register to network
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