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Why am I getting slow speed on my JioFiber connection?
Please follow below steps to resolve your Slow Speed issues:
  • Login to MyJio App. Select "JioFiber"
  • Tap on Bell Icon & check if there is a Banner Available "JioFiber Service Unavailable"
  • If you can view the above banner, Tap on "Fix Now" and follow instruction to raise Engineer Visit directly through MyJio App
  • If the Banner is not available, then follow below steps to troubleshoot,
    • Data Quota Exhausted: Login to your account in MyJio App and check if you have consumed your data limit. If data limit is exhausted, you can recharge with Data top up voucher to continue to enjoy high speeds again
    • Reboot your Jio Home Gateway & reconnect your Device to correct SSID
    • It is recommended to connect to 5 GHz SSID for better Internet Speed compare to 2.4 GHz
    • Check for WiFi Signal Strength. In case of Poor Signal (1 or 2 bars), move your connected Device closer to the Jio Home Gateway & then check again
    • If you are connected to LAN, connect your Laptop/Desktop directly to Jio Home Gateway and check
    • In case you are connected to your Office VPN, try disconnecting VPN and then reconnect
    • In case you are using a Third Party Router, try disconnecting Third Party Router and reconnect directly to Jio Home Gateway
    • WiFi Speeds are slower than LAN, and can keep varying. Recommended to do Speed Test by connecting to LAN and check Please note – Wi-Fi Speeds can be affected by the following:
      • The number of wireless devices connected to the network at the same time. Connecting many devices to a network at the same time can reduce available bandwidth for each device. Reducing the number of devices connected to a broadband network might improve performance.
      • The distance between the device and access point. Too much distance from the Home Gateway can cause slower speeds over WiFi
      • Speed depends on other factors like interference from other radios/microwaves between your device and Jio Home Gateway
      • Speed also depends on your device/handset specifications
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