JioFiber FAQ

Unable to Connect my JioFiber connection?

Please follow below steps to resolve your Internet connectivity issue:

  • Login to MyJio App. Select "JioFiber"
  • Tap on Bell Icon & check if there is a Banner Available "JioFiber Service Unavailable"
  • If you can view the above banner, Tap on "Fix Now" and follow instruction to raise Engineer Visit directly through MyJio App
  • If the Banner is not available, then follow below steps to troubleshoot,
    • Please make sure your device is connected to the Jio Home Gateway and have an active plan
    • Check if Jio Home Gateway is turned ON and the LED color is stable Green. Check if correct SSID (WiFi ID) is selected and correct password is entered.
    • Check for WiFi Signal Strength. In case of Poor Signal (1 or 2 bars), move your Device closer to the Jio Home Gateway & then check again
    • In case you are connected to Office VPN, try disconnecting VPN and then reconnect
    • In case you are using a Third Party Router, ensure you are connected to the correct SSID (Wi-Fi ID) and Third Party Router is getting Internet connectivity from Jio Home Gateway. If doesn’t work, try disconnecting Third Party Router and reconnect directly to Jio Home Gateway
    • If issue still persists, Switch off the Jio Home Gateway. Wait for 30 seconds then switch it ON again and wait for it to restart. (It takes around 2-3 minutes)
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