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How to connect my Device to Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi Network?
You can follow the below steps to connect your respective device with the Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi network.
For Windows Laptop/PC’s
  • Switch on ‘Wi-Fi’. If your computer or device has a Wi-Fi switch and/or radio button, switch it to the ‘ON’ position. This is typically located on the side of the laptop or the keyboard. If you are not sure about the location of this switch, visit your computer manufacturer’s support site or contact them directly.
  • Tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon (  or  ) and follow the below steps,
    • Select your network
    • Select the ‘Connect Automatically’ check box
    • Then tap on the ‘Connect’ button
    • You will then need to enter your Wi-Fi Username (SSID)/Password
For MacBook
  • Click on  in the menu bar. If Wi-Fi is off, select , then choose 'Turn Wi-Fi On'
  • Choose your Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi Username/SSID
  • Enter the password, then tap on ‘Join’
For Mobile/Tablet(Android)

Due to differences between Android devices, Wi-Fi setup instructions may vary from the steps given, on your mobile device/tablet. However, these steps given below will provide general guidance.
  • Swipe towards the Home Screen to access the Settings “Settings” Mobile setting icon icon
  • If not found on Home Screen, open ‘App Drawer’ and scroll down to locate the settings iconMobile setting icon
  • Tap your Settings icon and select the Wi-Fi icon;
  • Tap the slider to toggle Wi-Fi on.
    (The text to the left of the button will indicate that Wi-Fi is on.)
  • Your device will then automatically search for and display available Wi-Fi networks
  • Select your Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi Username/SSID, enter your password and tap ‘Ok’
For Mobile/Tablet(iOS)
  • Tap Settings icon and select Wi-Fi
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. If off, tap the button to turn on (button will turn green ), your device will then automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Tap your Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi Username/SSID.
  • If prompted, enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • Press Join.
  • When your device is connected successfully, a checkmark  will appear to the left of the network name.
Please Note– To know your Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi Username/SSID, login to MyJio with your JioFiber Account, Select My Device & Go to Device Settings.
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