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What does the feature: Suspicious Network Detection mean? How is it useful?
Suspicious Network Detection alerts you if your Wi-Fi network was recently compromised or if suspicious activity is detected.   This feature performs a security a check every time when the device connects to a Wi-Fi network. It also annotates the Wi-Fi network on the network selection screen before the connection is established, so the user knows that a network might not be safe to connect.   In the Wi-Fi Security feature of the JioSecurity app, the user can also see a short note on why the network is flagged as suspicious.
Steps to setup Wi-Fi security:
  • From the Home Screen, launch the JioSecurity App
  • Tap on Wi-Fi Security
  • Allow the app to access location and turn on location from settings
  • Once done, JioSecurity will scan the network for SSL Stripping, SSL Decryption, ARP Spoofing, Password protection, Encryption strength, Content Tampering and DNS Spoofing
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