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JioSecurity Android 5.x upcoming feature Changes and Update.
Beginning October 18, 2021, With the new build version of JioSecurity 5.x, the following features will be retired from JioSecurity Android
  • Anti-Theft (Locate, Lock, Wipe, Scream, Sneak peek, Sim card Lock)
  • Call blocking
  • App Lock
Reason for retiring these features from JioSecurity
We strive to bring industry-leading, valuable and relevant features to help secure and protect your devices. Occasionally, we reassess our portfolio of protection solutions and features to help ensure they meet these criteria.
We are retiring some less used or redundant features in order to prioritize development of more relevant features for you.
Alternatives to these features which are being retired
If you are interested in replacing the ant-theft and call blocking feature for JioSecurity. Google has services that may serve as an alternative. As of this writing google provides below services on android devices:
  • Find My Device- You can learn more here
  • Spam Call blocking – You can learn more here
  • App Lock- Many free app lock service is available in google play store to choose from.
New features being introduced in the new JioSecurity build 5.x
We are adding below security features in our upcoming app release:
  • Refreshed UI- We are adding a refreshed look to JioSecurity.
  • SMS Security - A new feature that filters spam text messages that may contain phishing attacks. These attacks use links to fraudulent sites that compromise customer’s personal information.
  • Report card- Highlights how JioSecurity has protected your device from threats over a period.
  • Suspicious Network Detection- alerts user when device connects to unsecure suspicious WiFi hotspot
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