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How to view and respond to Device Security alerts in JioSecurity app on iOS?
The Device Security feature on your Norton 360 app alerts and helps protect your device:
  • Operating system upgrade
    • Your JioSecurity app detects and alerts you if your device's operating system is out of date and provides steps to update your operating system to the latest version
    • Operating system updates may include important security patches which contain most up-to-date protection. Ensure that you have the latest version of the operating system installed on your device
  • Passcode detection
    • Your JioSecurity app alerts you if you have not set a passcode for your device to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information
You can also use the Your Protection Report card to view the number of operating system risks that JioSecurity has detected in the last 30 days.
View and respond to Device Security alerts:
  • From the Home screen, launch the JioSecurity app.
  • Tap Device Security
  • Do one of the following in the Device Security alert.
    • Tap Learn More to view the steps to resolve the corresponding Device Security alert
    • Tap Ignore to resolve the device security alert later. To view the alert again, tap Ignored Alerts on the Device Security screen.
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