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How can I start using the audio calling facility of JioChat?
To start a new call simple click on ‘+’ menu on ‘Chats’ tab. Then click on ‘Call’ icon. This will show you all the JioChat contacts. Just click on the call icon on the right hand side of your contacts to start a call with them. You can also click on the profile picture of the contact and press Call icon.
In case you are in the middle of a chat session and want to make an audio call, click the ‘Call’ icon on the horizontal menu on the top of the chat window.
If you have previously initiated a chat with a friend, they get listed on the ‘Chats’ tab. You can simply look for their name on ‘Chats’ tab by either scrolling or by using search feature and click on the call icon next to their name.
While in call, the speakerphone can be used to toggle between speakerphone and earpiece, and the mic button can be used to mute or unmute a call.te: Bluetooth headsets are currently not supported by JioChat.
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