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Broadband Plans in Chennai

Truly Unlimited Internet
Unlimited Voice
Free Voice anywhere in India
OTT Apps Subscription Included
` 399
30 Mbps
` 699
100 Mbps
` 999
150 Mbps
14 Apps worth Rs. 1,000 monthly subscription
` 1499
300 Mbps
15 Apps worth Rs. 1,500 monthly subscription
` 2,499
500 Mbps
15 Apps worth Rs. 1,650 monthly subscription
` 3,999
1 Gbps
15 Apps worth Rs. 1,650 monthly subscription
` 8,499
1 Gbps
15 Apps worth Rs. 1,800 monthly subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JioFiber? 
JioFiber offers superior internet experience to explore your Digital Life. JioFiber is the technology of the future. It offers the ultimate broadband experience to surf, stream, game and work.
JioFiber broadband beats the rest because of its ultra fast upload and download speeds & effective functioning in merely ‘milli seconds’. Now, imagine a high speed private internet highway right inside your home. JioFiber connectivity comes directly to your premise unlike in most cases where the fiber reaches only till the building.
What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology in JioFiber? 
JioFiber connectivity comes directly to your home unlike in most cases where the fiber reaches only till the building and the last few meters of end connectivity are connected using traditional cable which reduces the speed and user experience due to patches and inferior cable qualities of such patch up. The end result with JioFiber is a completely different broadband internet experience when fiber comes directly to your home.
How is JioFiber technology better than my current broadband operator?  
JioFiber broadband service is based on Fiber Optic technology. This technology offers a lot of advantages over the traditional cables:
  • It provides faster Internet connection
  • Fiber networks are not required to be changed post installation as the companies upgrade them with latest technology that creates the electronic light pulses and not by replacing the fiber cables
JioFiber’s ultra-fast download and upload speeds enable seamless UHD Video services, Video conferencing and variety of camera applications.
Will I be able to use WiFi with JioFiber? 
Yes. Jio Home Gateway supports WiFi. In case you have opted for a Home Gateway under JioFiber service that doesn’t support WiFi, then you will have to add your own (supported) WiFi Home Gateway to use WiFi. JioFiber broadband internet is capable of supporting WiFi.
What is the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the Jio Home Gateway connected on JioFiber network? 
Typically the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the Jio Home Gateway comfortably covers an open area of approx. 1000 Sq. ft. (on the same floor). However, this range can be affected by several external factors beyond our control, like interference from other Wi-Fi Access Points in the surrounding area, placement of the Home Gateway in the house, user’s distance from it and the number of walls between the Home Gateway and the user.
What is Jio Voice Calling Service? 
Jio Voice Calling Service is an integrated voice & video calling service that uses high speed Internet.
How can I invite JioFiber. What can I do? 
To avail a JioFiber connection please click & follow below steps:
1. Click on "Invite JioFiber Now"
2. Enter the address on which you need JioFiber broadband connection

Once feasibility is confirmed you will receive a call from our Sales Representative for further process.

JioFiber Broadband in Chennai

Explore the digital world at a faster pace with JioFiber broadband in Chennai. It offers ultimate broadband experience and comes with other bundled services. JioFiber is amongst the best broadband in Chennai and is available at affordable prices. It includes other elite services like India’s first TV video calling and conferencing experience, complimentary subscriptions to entertainment and OTT apps, VR experience, premium content platform, etc.
The Jio Fiber service offers broadband plans in Chennai that has monthly rental starting from ₹399 only. Also, ₹699, ₹999, ₹1499, ₹2499, ₹3999, ₹8499 plans are available in Chennai. According to your internet speed and bandwidth requirements you can select from any of the available plans. You can instantly invite the JioFiber connection to your neighbourhood in Chennai. If you are an existing JioFiber user, you can upgrade to any of the latest JioFiber plans available.

- GST additional on applicable components

- Customer will need to activate Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription once through MyJio to avail the benefits

- All plans have symmetric upload and download speed


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