Connecting Santalabari with Jio 4G


Connecting Santalabari with Jio 4G

MARCH 14, 2022
Topographic Map of Santalabari

We are heading towards digital literacy across the length and breadth of India. This initiative covers metros, cities, small towns as well as villages. But every region in the process of building digital connectivity had its own challenges, and so did Santalabari.

Santalabari forest

Situated in the core area of the forest, Santalabari is a small village that provides tourists and trekkers with exotic scenic beauty and picturesque forested surroundings. Home to a small community of 2,000 residents, Santalabari offers an exciting trekking route to Buxa Fort and Tiger Reserve, thereby attracting hundreds of tourists across the year.

Santalabari village

On the flip side, the lush greenery of the forested areas and hills is suggestive of the remoteness of the place, making the village inaccessible through normal transport. Only vehicles such as Jeeps and Safaris are used by locals to commute, which makes it difficult to access basic facilities and amenities. Furthermore, the hilly terrain surrounding this village has made it impossible to set up the infrastructure required for digital services.

But the community, fascinated by the idea of Digital Life, was resilient to digitally transform their village, where not only the locals as well as tourists enjoyed the boons of virtual possibilities. Where learning happens every moment, where information travels at giga-speed, where distance is overcome by seamless connectivity both within the community and beyond.

To address connectivity issues, the local community of Santalabari reached out to Team Jio, West Bengal for support. Without delaying any further, the team conducted a recon of the hilly terrain to identify the key challenges that ranged from sloping topography to dense vegetation, inaccessible roads to the massive height of the incredibly old and tall trees in this core forest area, there were many challenges to overcome.

Team Jio collaborated with the local residents and a Local Panchayat Member to identify the best site for the tower set-up. They also met with the District Magistrate of Alipurduar and received his support for moving forward. With undeterred determination, Jio has now successfully installed a tower in Santalabari, thereby introducing the community to Jio's 4G services and a host of facilities and amenities inaccessible till then.

The initial traffic of 83 GB at the site has already more than doubled to around 450 GB. Apart from benefitting the local community, Jio’s tower installation has also benefitted tourists. Visitors from distant locations are now able to stay connected 24*7, thanks to the consistent efforts of Team Jio, West Bengal.

Santalabari is another milestone in Jio's journey towards building a Digital India and stands as a testimony to its promise of a 'Digital Life'!

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