Introducing 4G network in Jambale


Introducing 4G network in Jambale

DECEMBER 24, 2021
Small village of Jambale

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people interact and communicate with the outside world, bringing about a transformation in the way people learn, work, shop, get entertained, and financially transact. This transformation is no longer limited only to urban pockets but has made big strides in rural markets and the tribal hinterland as well.

Near Karnataka’s mesmerising Kudremukh reserve forest, lies the small village of Jambale. Almost hidden from the world, this hamlet was all set to usher in seamless connectivity. The residents of Jambale were determined to overcome the barriers of the terrain with 24*7 connectivity. However, they had to resolve authorisation challenges while setting up network towers. This is when the residents combined their determination with the initiatives of Reliance Jio.

Team Jio set out on a mission to connect the people of Jambale to the rest of the world and turn it into a ready for service site. A team consisting of network, construction, and Jio Centre officials, immediately coordinated with the concerned authorities to provide the best solution possible. The team conducted an in-depth survey alongside national park officials and rangers, and discovered an aerial route that would solve the connectivity issue.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of Team Jio, most of the residents of Jambale experienced high-speed 4G network for the first time in their village. The euphoria among the locals was reflected through warm welcomes and wide celebrations. Thousands of students and teachers of the village are now able to attend online classes from the comfort of their home, instead of travelling miles in the forest in search of a network.

Committed to creating a digital life for every Indian, Jio has ensured that customers, even in the most remote villages are not deprived of the benefits of these services and its transformational advantages. This was just another example of the widespread digital revolution ushered in by Jio in the remote and rural locations with robust high-speed 4G network, connecting millions of hitherto unconnected, with the benefits of digital transformation.

Given the increased need for connectivity and internet access during the pandemic, Jio further expedited its efforts to provide uninterrupted high-speed 4G network experience to hundreds of remote villages, bringing delight to thousands of students, teachers, and general people. Well-connected villages are a prerequisite for the Digital India initiative. Once these thousands of remote villages are connected through high-speed satellite internet, the nation will make great advancement in bridging the digital divide, improving the overall quality of life, and providing access to innumerable opportunities.

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