Jio WhatsApp Communication Guidelines


  • We use WhatsApp for Business as an additional channel to communicate with customer. You may also communicate with us via any other available channels by clicking on this link
  • You can ask any queries related to products or services offered by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited through WhatsApp. You can also apply for any of our products or request a call back for a product that you are interested in. All you need to do is add the number 70007 70007 to your contacts and start a conversation by saying “Hi”.
  • At all times, you will be subjected to the terms of your customer acquisition form (“CAF”) and/ or the privacy policy available on our website
  • To opt-out from receiving WhatsApp notifications from Jio, click on "Unsubscribe" button in the message received from (79774 79774 or 70007 70007) in WhatsApp. You can subscribe to receive WhatsApp notifications from Jio by 2 methods:
    o Click on "Subscribe" in main menu option and submit*
    o Tap on "Subscribe" button in the “unsubscribe” confirmation message.
  • All messages between you and RJIL are secured by WhatsApp using end to end encryption in accordance with Terms of Service by WhatsApp.
  • Presently, WhatsApp is being used for limited communications. The scope may expand to offer improved services through WhatsApp.
  • While we provide services through WhatsApp for selected communications, we however request you to ensure that you don’t submit or transmit any content that is: -
    o Obscene, Vulgar, or Pornographic, immoral, illegal, illicit, unethical etc.
    o Encourages the commission of a crime or violation of any law.
    o Violates any law in India and/or the jurisdiction in which customer resides.
    o Infringes the intellectual or copyrights of RJIL or a third party.
    o Constitute confidential information and/or personal or sensitive information/data belonging to you or any third person.
  • The responses sent by RJIL on WhatsApp are based on an automated program running at back-end. This program has been developed by our third-party service providers and regularly enhanced to handle the queries in best possible manner. For any answers queries, feedback or grievance you may click on the link here.
  • To ensure that you are chatting with authentic RJIL Account only, please check the following:
    o You will receive communication from listed Jio’s Business WhatsApp account (with verified green mark).
    o Check the number from which you are receiving the communication. Jio’s verified WA Business Accounts are: JioCare (+91 7000770007) & JioOffers (+91 7977479774).
    o Please don’t share personal information e.g. passwords/OTP; Bank Account Number in WhatsApp Chat
    o Please do not respond to personal numbers w.r.t. Jio’s service related Query/Request/Complaint (QRC).
  • Currently, account related changes are not available on WhatsApp chat BOT. Please Sign In either on OR use the MyJio Application to do any account related changes.
  • You will continue to receive service messages from Jio 24x7. For any other communication platforms, the availability will be in accordance with TRAI guidelines.
  • Availing services through WhatsApp is similar to calling your customer care team. Most Jio Account related queries can be answered through WhatsApp BOT. If the BOT is not able to resolve your queries for certain call drivers, you will get a “Connect Now” option to chat with an Agent.
  • Presently callback request feature is not supported on WhatsApp. However, we are trying our best to improve your experience with Jio over the time.
  • The notifications/messages you are receiving from Jio are for betterment of our customer’s experience we are providing important updates about your recharge/payment transaction, latest offers, plan expiry details etc. on WhatsApp.
  • You can perform following Jio mobility account related activities on WhatsApp chat BOT as mentioned below. All you need to do is to add the Jio WhatsApp number 70007-70007 to your contacts and start a conversation by saying
    o 'Recharge/Payment History' – To check your Recharge & Payment History.
    o 'My Data Balance' – To check my data balance
    o 'My Plan Details' – To check my plan details
    o 'Work From Home Plans' – To check Work From Home Plans
    o 'Recharge For A Friend' – To make a Recharge For A Friend
    o '4G Data Vouchers' – To check 4G Data Vouchers
  • You can troubleshoot below given issues using WhatsApp. All you need to do is to add the Jio WhatsApp number 70007-70007 to your contacts and start a conversation by saying
    o ‘Network Issue’ – Troubleshoot Network Issue
    o ‘Unable to Recharge’ – Troubleshoot Recharge Issue
  • You can check multiple offers provided by Jio. All you need to do is to add the Jio WhatsApp number 70007-70007 to your contacts and start a conversation by saying
    o 'View All Plans' – To view all recharge related offers
    o 'Latest Offers' – To view latest Smartphone/Device related offers
  • You can perform below given activities to manage your postpaid account. All you need to do is to add the Jio WhatsApp number 70007-70007 to your contacts and start a conversation by saying
    o ‘Check My Bill’ - To check bill of my postpaid number
    o ‘My Credit Limit’ - To check the credit limit of my postpaid number
    o ‘Pay My Bill’ - To pay bill of my postpaid number*

* denotes features/capabilities which are upcoming on BOT and currently not LIVE