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What are the documents and processes required to avail of the Credit Limit transfer facility?

To transfer the Credit Limit, you just need your existing operator’s recent (not older than 2 months) postpaid bill. Here are the steps to process it:
  • Share a copy of your recent postpaid bill on WhatsApp number (88501-88501) from the mobile number which you intend to port and is mentioned on your postpaid bill.
  • Upload either a PDF copy of the bill or an image of the bill.
  • Ensure that the copy uploaded is legible and has details like your name, phone number, credit limit, and billing details.
  • Once uploaded, our team will verify your document.
  • If all the details match, you’ll receive an update via SMS.
  • Your pre-approved Credit Limit would be pre-configured in the Jio system against your existing number.
  • You can walk into any Jio Store to get a Jio PostPaid connection/SIM with your KYC document/s (Aadhaar card preferred) and your number will be ported to Jio.
  • You can also place an online request for porting and we will have your new Jio postpaid SIM home delivered at no cost.
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