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I have been asked to pay advance plan charges at the time of JioFiber bill plan change. What will happen to the advance payment done at the time of activation?

Your advance payment and any subsequent payment made at the time of bill plan change shall be adjusted in the upcoming bills.
You will be charged on prorated rent of old plan till the bill plan change request date. From the date of bill plan change, the new rent shall be applicable.
Please refer below example for a sample bill plan change request
  • Customer activates on 1st January JioFiber service with ₹999-12 M advance rent plan.
  • Total payment made at the time of activation =₹14,146 (999 * 12 + 18 % GST)
  • Customer requested for bill plan change on 15th January to ₹1499 plan.
  • Total payment at the time of bill plan change = ₹1769 (₹1499 + GST)
  • Total payment by customer ₹14,146 + ₹1769 = ₹15,915
  • Total rent for 1st to 15th January = ₹570.4 (₹999 / 31days * 15days) + GST.
  • Balance available for adjustment in new ₹1499 plan = ₹15,344 (₹15,915 - ₹570.4)
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