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What is the Jio Vivo Super Offer 2020?

  • "Jio Vivo Super Offer" entitles a cashback of Rs. 3000 for eligible devices on Jio network for the first time by performing a recharge of Rs.349 Jio prepaid plan.
  • The Offer shall be open to all Eligible Subscribers on or after 7th July,2020 for Eligible Device Group-1,on or after 1st August,2020 for Eligible Device Group-2 and on or after 31st August,2020 for Eligible Device Group-3 and on or after 21st Dec,2020 for Eligible Device Group-4 and on or after 29th Dec,2020 for Eligible Device Group-5 on or after 20th January 2021 for Eligible Device Group-6 and or on or after 4th Aug 2021 for Eligible Device Group-7 and on or after 15th July, 2021 for Eligible Device Group-8, and on or after 10th Feb 2022 for Eligible Device Group-9 and on or after 24th Feb 2022 for Eligible Device Group-10, and and on or after 12th Sep 2022 for Eligible Device Group-12
  • For eligible devices, upon 1st successful recharge of Rs. 349, 40 discount coupons of Rs.75 each will be credited in MyJio app which can be applied one at a time per recharge, against subsequent recharges of Jio plan of Rs. 349, via MyJio App only.
  • The customers would also get also get coupons from Ajio, Growfitter, Mfine and Lybrate in MyJio app. 
      Eligible Devices
    Group - 1 Y50, Y30
    Group - 2 U20, Y11, Y12, Y15, Y19, Y91, Y91i, Z1 Pro and Z1x
    Group - 3 Y20
    Group - 4 Y51 and Y30i
    Group - 5 Y12s and Y20A
    Group - 6 Y51A and Y31
    Group - 7 Y53s
    Group - 8 Y72 5G
    Group - 9 Y75
    Group - 10 Vivo T1
    Group - 11 Y01, Y33T, Y15s and Y21e
    Group - 12 Y35
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