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How much will I be charged for calls made through Wi-Fi calling from the IR 1102 / IR 1202 Wi-Fi Calling pack?

Tariff for Wi-Fi Calling:
For IR 1102 and Global IR 1202 packs customers -
  • Outgoing Voice Calls to India – Re. 1 /min
  • Incoming voice calls – Re. 1/min
  • Incoming SMS – Free
  • Video Outgoing and Incoming calls – Re 1/min + Data from Home data bucket
  • Outgoing SMS, Outgoing voice local calls, Outgoing voice rest of the world calls – Not Allowed
Sl. No Call Type Wi-Fi IR Usage Charging
1 Voice Outgoing – Call back to India (from the visited country)  Flat Re. 1 for Wi-Fi Call back to India
2 Outgoing - Local  (in the visited country) Not allowed
3 Outgoing - RoW (from the visited country) Not allowed
4 Incoming (in the visited country) Flat Re.1 for Wi-Fi IR Incoming Voice Calls
5 Video* Outgoing – Call back to Jio India numbers (from the visited country) Flat Re.1 for Wi-Fi IR Video Call back to India + Data from Home data bucket
6 Incoming from Jio India Numbers (in the visited country) Flat Re. 1 for Wi-Fi IR Incoming Video Calls from India + Data from Home data bucket
7 SMS Outgoing SMS Not allowed
8 SMS Incoming SMS  Free
*For Outgoing/Incoming Video Calls, Rs.1 + Data usage deducted from Home Data bucket. Video Outgoing/Incoming calls are allowed only to Jio Numbers.
Local = Calls within the Visited Country
RoW = Calls to Rest of World numbers i.e. other than India & Local
Note: Wi-Fi Calling service can be availed using Wi-Fi Calling pack only and will not be available for PayGo customers.
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