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How can I use Jio IFC Packs and the steps activate IFC Packs?

To use IFC Packs providing inflight data, outgoing voice calls and SMS, you have to recharge with the IFC Packs (applicable for both prepaid and postpaid customers) before boarding the flight when connected to Jio network.
Once you are in the flight and the flight has reached 20,000 feet and above, follow these steps:
  • Switch on your phone with Airplane Mode off
  • Your phone will automatically connect to the AeroMobile network. The network name may differ dependent on the handset
  • If your phone does not connect to the AeroMobile network automatically you will need to go to ‘Carrier’ in your phone settings and manually select AeroMobile
  • Ensure Data Roaming is on to use data services
  • Once connected, you will receive a welcome text and pricing information
  • You can now use your mobile phone to call, text, email and surf the internet*
Incoming calls are not allowed. You will need to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to use mobile data. As a courtesy to fellow passengers, please keep your phone on vibrate.
*Please note - some applications can download data even when you are not actively using them, and you may be charged as a result. Manage your application settings to help avoid these costs. International roaming rates apply.
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