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Which version of Apple and Samsung cellular watch support JioEverywhereConnect?

Brand Models
Apple Watch Series 3 Model A1889 (38 mm)
Model A1891 (42 mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 Model A2007 (40 mm)
Model A2008 (44 mm)
Apple Watch Series 5 Model A2156 (40 mm)
Model A2157 (44 mm)
Model A2094 (40 mm)
Model A2095 (44 mm)
Apple Watch Series 6 Model A2375 (40 mm)
Model A2376 (44 mm)
Apple Watch Series SE Model A2355 (40 mm)
Model A2356 (40 mm)
Apple Watch Series 7 Model A2475 (41 mm)
Model A2476 (41 mm)
Model A2477 (45 mm)
Model A2478 (45 mm)
Apple Watch Series 8 Model A2773 (41 mm)
Model A2775 (45 mm)
Apple Watch Series SE 2 Model A2725 (40 mm)
Model A2724 (44 mm)
Apple Watch Ultra Model A2684 (49 mm)
Galaxy Gear (Cellular) Model SM-R805F
Model SM-R815F
Galaxy Watch Active 2 Model SM-R825F
Model SM-R835F
Galaxy Watch 3 Model SM-R845F
Model SM-R855F
Galaxy Watch 4 Model SM-R865F
Model SM-R875F
Model SM-R885F
Model SM-R895F
Galaxy Watch 5 LTE Model SM- R905F
Model SM- R915F
Galaxy Watch 5 Pro LTE Model SM- R925F
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