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How do I use the Anti-Theft features of JioSecurity?

JioSecurity provides you the following Anti-Theft features that you can use through web and SMS to find and protect your lost device:

  • Lock: You can lock your lost device from the JioSecurity website or by sending an SMS.
  • Call: You can make a voice call over Internet to your iOS device.
  • Scream: You can trigger an audible alarm to find your lost device if it is nearby.
  • Locate: You can locate your lost device on map or receive co-ordinates of its location through an SMS.
  • Sneak Peek: You can take a snapshot using the device's camera to help find your lost device. This feature is not available through SMS.
  • Wipe: You can securely delete all your data and personal information from the lost device.
Both SMS-based Anti-Theft and web-based Anti-Theft use the same passcode which is Auto-generated when you register the device. You can change the Anti-Theft passcode by signing in to the with your Jio ID & Password.


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