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How do I set up SMS Security on my iOS device?

To turn on SMS Security on an iOS device:
  • From the home screen, launch the JioSecurity app.
  • Tap Get Started in the Introducing SMS Security feature screen or tap SMS Security in the JioSecurity main screen.
  • In the SMS Security screen, tap Open Settings
  • In the Settings screen, scroll down and tap Messages
  • Under the Message Filtering section, tap Unknown & Spam
  • Under the Message Filtering section, next to Filter Unknown Senders, move the slider to turn it on
  • Under the SMS Filtering section, tap JioSecurity, and then tap Enable to allow JioSecurity to filter the spam text messages
Verify SMS text filter categories:
  • Launch the Messages app on your iOS device
  • Depending on your iOS version do the following
    • If you have iOS 14.0 or later: You can verify the text messages categorized under the Filtered By JioSecurity section that you receive from unknown senders. If you are in the messages list view then at the top-left corner, tap Filters.
    • If you have iOS 13.0 or earlier: Tap the Unknown Senders tab to verify the text messages that you receive from unknown senders.
Note: iMessages are not supported
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