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How can I configure / use JioPrivateNet using Hotspot 2.0?

JioPrivateNet can be configured on your 4G phone through the simple steps given below. This is a one-time configuration on the mobile handset, and has to be done again if you change the 4G handset. You have to be at a JioNet Hotspot to perform these steps.
1. Ensure that the activated Jio SIM is present in the 4G phone.
2. From Phone settings, switch on Wi-Fi
3. Phone will display the list of Wi-Fi Network Names including “JioPrivateNet”
4. If your phone supports Hotspot 2.0 technology, Your phone will automatically connect to "JioPrivateNet".

Next time you want to access Wi-Fi using your Smartphone configured with JioPrivateNet, all you need to do is to switch on the Wi-Fi whenever you are at a JioNet Hotspot.

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