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How can I configure / use JioPrivateNet using EAP-SIM / EAP-AKA?

JioPrivateNet can be configured on your 4G phone through the simple steps given below. This is a one-time configuration on the mobile handset, and has to be done again if you change the 4G handset. You have to be at a Jio Hotspot to perform these steps.
  • Ensure that the activated Jio SIM is present in Slot 1 of the 4G phone.
  • From Phone settings, switch on Wi-Fi
  • Phone will display the list of Wi-Fi Network Names including “JioPrivateNet”
  • Click on JioPrivateNet
  • Settings Menu will pop-up on your phone
  • Select AKA in the PEAP/EAP dropdown menu (if AKA is not displayed on the settings, then the phone does not support this service).
  • Click on CONNECT.
Your phone will now on automatically connect to “JioPrivateNet” at all Jio Hotspots. All you need to do is to switch on the Wi-Fi whenever you are at a Jio Hotspot.
If you missed to select AKA in the PEAP/EAP dropdown menu, your phone will not connect to JioPrivateNet SSID. To connect on JioPrivateNet SSID
  • Click on the JioPrivateNet SSID name
  • Select "forget" option
Now try to connect again with correct option “AKA” in the PEAP/EAP dropdown menu.
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