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How can a non-JioChat user block or allow a particular JioChat user from sending him or her SMS messages?

When any JioChat user sends a non-JioChat user an SMS for the first time, a message to seek permission of the recipient is sent. When the recipient wishes to accept the message, he or she must reply with ‘Y’ (standard charges apply). If the recipient does not reply with a ‘Y’, the JioChat user is blocked from sending further messages to that particular number.

When non-JioChat users want to block a JioChat user, they can send the following SMS (without quotes): ‘BLOCK ’ to +9193XXXXXX. Here, is the phone number of the JioChat user who is to be blocked. This number has to be in international number format only – which means it should include country code.
For example, if number to be blocked is Indian number 89XXXXXXX, then message should be “BLOCK +9189XXXXXX” and sent to +919322961885 Simply “BLOCK 89XXXXXXX ” will not work.

In case non-JioChat users wish to allow messages from a particular JioChat user who has been blocked, they must send the following SMS (without quotes): ‘ALLOW ’ to +919322961885. Similar to the block case, the here also should be in the international number format

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