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What is JioCall? What features of JioCall can I use with those contacts who don’t use the app?

The JioCall app brings 4G HD voice & video calling to all 2G/3G (with a JioFi), 4G LTE smartphones. It also enables all smartphones with Rich Communication (RCS) capabilities such as in-call sharing, location share, group chats, doodles etc, thus enhancing the quality of all your interactions.

JioCall uses your Jio SIM number to help you make & receive calls from any mobile or landline number. You can also send SMS to any mobile user.

JioCall empowers you to do the following :
  • Make voice calls to any mobile or landline number in India
  • Voice Conferencing with any mobile or landline number in India
  • Send & receive SMS from any local or national number
  • Make Video calls with other Jio contacts
  • Make calls from your phone dialer directly (Enhanced Calling feature)

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