Get Jio ESIM

A peek into the revolution

eSIM is an innovation in the world of mobile technology where you do not need a physical SIM to unleash the power of a mobile network. Simply activate the eSIM on your device and get connected just like that. With Jio eSIM, the experience is all the more instant, effortless, and seamless.

Benefits of Jio eSIM

How to use Jio eSIM?

To begin with, activate Jio eSIM

Convert your existing physical SIM into an eSIM number or get a new eSIM number from the nearest Jio Store.

Configure your device and get started

Select your device to check compatibility and profile configuration process.

Buy Jio Esim

Key points to remember while activating Jio eSIM

Before you proceed to configure your phone, make sure your phone is connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
Do not select the ‘Remove Data Plan’ or ‘Erase Plan’ option in device settings, as it will permanently delete the eSIM profile.
If it gets removed unknowingly or accidentally, visit your nearest Jio Store, Reliance Digital, or Jio retailer with Proof of Identity and a photograph for the SIM swap process.
The Activation Code is unique and is applicable for just one-time use on only one device.
To know more about Jio eSIM, you can contact us anytime.
Having trouble?
If your eSIM configuration is lost, please visit the nearest Jio Store.