Disney+ Hotstar Offer T&C for Prepaid Customers T&Cs

Disney+ Hotstar Offer T&C for Prepaid Customers

Welcome to the terms and conditions ("Terms") for this Offer (defined below).

These Terms are between the subscribers of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited’s services who have availed the Offer (“Customer”) and Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Company”) and governs the respective rights and obligations of each party. By availing the Offer, the following Terms shall be deemed to be accepted by the Customer:

In the context of this document, Customer notes the following:

Scope of the Offer:


  • Customer will be offered subscription of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription provided by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited (“Hotstar”) for 12 months on their Disney+ Hotstar app (“Application”) bundled with the eligible plans offering Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription, made available by the Company (“Membership”). The Membership shall be made available to the Customer at no additional cost from the date of purchase of the first Eligible Plans (“Offer”).
  • Customer recharging the Eligible Plans for the first time shall be entitled to the Membership which will commence on the date of purchase of applicable recharge, irrespective of the said recharge plan being active or kept in queue by the Customer.
  • Post expiry of 12 months of Disney+ Hotstar membership, customer can avail the Membership for an additional period of 12 months if they recharge with an Eligible Plan.
  • This Offer is subject to guidelines and directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications (“DoT”), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (“MIB”), and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”) or any other statutory authority from time to time.


  • This Offer is made available to the Customers on eligible plans / data add-on packs subscribed by them. The eligible plans are made available by the Company on the website https://www.jio.com/en-in/hotstar-prepaid-plans and MyJio application (“Eligible Plans”). The Eligible Plans and the Offer are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Company and/or its affiliates, without any prior notice to the Customer. Customer should visit Jio.com or MyJio app to know about all the Eligible Plans. The Offer can be availed only once a year by Company’s retail prepaid customers. 12 months of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile membership will be provided on the first instance of recharge of the Eligible Plan, unless intimated by the Company otherwise from time to time. For e.g. Once a Customer recharges with an Eligible Plan on 1st January 2021, the Customer shall be entitled to Membership for 12 months i.e. till 31st December 2021. If the Customer recharges with an Eligible Plan again on 1st June 2021, then the Customer Membership shall still expire on 31st December 2021.
  • Post expiry of 12 months of Disney+ Hotstar Mobile membership, customer can perform recharge with an Eligible Plan and avail another 12 months of Membership benefit.
Offer Activation


  • To avail this Offer, the Customer needs to sign-in to Application with the mobile number on which the Eligible Plan was availed.
  • Customer shall keep the validity of his/her mobile plans active with the Company, for the complete duration of their Membership to continue receiving benefits under the Offer.
  • To enable the Company to provide a seamless experience to the Customer, the Customer hereby authorizes the Company to collect and share Customer’s mobile number with Hotstar. Hotstar would use this information to assist Customer in activation of Customer’s services/account on their Application.
Modification to the Offer Terms


  • The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms or any part thereof at any time and without prior notice to the Customer.
  • The Company reserves the right to withdraw the Offer at any time without prior notice to the Customer.
  • The Company reserves the right to send commercial communications to the Customer via email, short messaging service and other notifications/communications related to the Offer.
  • The Company reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this Offer or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria in compliance with applicable regulations and/or orders and/or directions, or at its sole discretion any time during the Offer period, including in view of business exigencies, changes by regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and for other reasons beyond its control. These Terms may be further modified based on changes in the business, legal and regulatory requirements and will be updated online. Customers are encouraged to periodically visit this page to review the Terms and any changes to it, which shall be binding on the Customer.


  • The Company may revoke or terminate the Offer at its discretion without prior notice if the Company suspects any fraudulent activity or misuse of the Offer. The Company shall not be liable to provide any refund in case of termination on account of fraudulent conduct that the Company may determine, in its sole discretion, violates these Terms and/or any applicable law and/or involves fraud or misuse of the Offer.
Governing Law


  • These Terms are subject to laws of the Republic of India. All disputes shall be governed under the laws of India and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mumbai only.
General Terms


  • This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other alternative offer or promotion of a similar nature, unless agreed by Company in writing. By availing this Offer, Customer confirms and waive the applicability of rules and regulations of the National Do Not Call registry and agrees to receive promotional messages and alerts from the Company.
  • This Offer is subject to force majeure circumstances i.e. Act of God or any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Company. The Customer shall also be bound by the terms and conditions of the customer application form as amended from time to time. This Offer is subject to guidelines/directions issued by TRAI, MIB, DOT or any other statutory authority from time to time. The Terms stated herein shall not override the terms and conditions of the subscriber enrolment form/customer application form.
  • By availing the Offer the Customer shall also be bound by Hotstar terms & conditions available at https://www.hotstar.com/in/terms-of-use which are independent of these Terms. Customer’s use of the Offer is subject to these Terms. By availing the Offer, the Customer agrees that the Customer have gone through these Terms and Hotstar terms available at https://www.hotstar.com/in/terms-of-use and agree to the same.
  • Failure by the Company to enforce any of the Terms in any instance shall not be deemed to be a waiver of those Terms and shall not give rise to any claim by any person. Customer may contact the customer care regarding any queries, complaints, disputes pertaining to the Offer.
  • Customer agrees that the Company and its affiliates have no responsibility and liability with regard to the privacy, safety and security of any information (including personal information) that Customer may have to share independently with Hotstar or other third party content providers for availing relevant contents.
  • By availing this Offer, the Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Customer shall have no rights whatsoever over the intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights or trademarks belonging to the Company and/or its affiliates and to any third party content licensor to the Company and/or its affiliates that is made available through the Offer.
  • The Customer cannot transfer or assign Disney+ Hotstar membership availed under this Offer.
  • If any provision of these Terms is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, the other provisions of these Terms and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue to be valid.


  • Customer agrees that this Offer is being made purely on a “best endeavour” basis and subject to acceptance of these Terms. Customer’s participation in the Offer is voluntary and Customer expressly agree to avail the Offer at his/her sole risk. Company and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability to any Customer arising due to participation in the Offer.
  • Company makes no representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, meeting of Customer’s requirements or aspirations, timeliness of the Offer, and/or any delay or failure to avail the Offer including due to technical or network problems.
  • To the extent Customer chooses to avail this Offer, he/she do so at their own initiative and shall remain responsible for compliance with the Terms herein, any applicable laws, including but not limited to applicable local laws.
  • The Company may impose limits on the use of or access to the Offer, in any case and without notice or liability.
  • The Company is not providing the Application and/or its contents to its Customers and therefore, shall not be responsible for any defect, non-performance, quality of content, or Application / service issues related to the same. All such issues will be directly settled between Customer and Hotstar without recourse to Company. No such complaint of request will be entertained by the Company.