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Share content directly from your Mac to the big screen

JioHome acts as a command centre on your Mac for all your content stored across devices. Access all your photos, videos, music, and documents scattered across devices directly on your Mac. Additionally, access the same on your TV via your Mac.

Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, and Mac


Have content on JioCloud? Fly in through your Mac

Be it your photos, movies, videos, or whatever else stored away on your JioCloud account, view it all on your Mac with ease. No downloads, just sync and access it all on the JioHome app.

Jio Photos

Nostalgic moments stored on your drives? Relive them on your Mac

Wish to take a trip down memory lane with photos and videos stored on your pen drives and hard drives? Connect the external drives to the Jio Set-top Box or your router, also known as Jio Home Gateway, or publish the content on the JioPhotos app and access it all on your Mac via the JioHome app.

Jio Cloud Online

Don’t start over. Just start where you left off

Watching content on your Mac and wish to resume it on another device? Possible with the ‘player hopping’ feature on the JioHome app. Enjoy all your favourites without losing the flow!

Jio Cloud Storage

Simply upload or download, any content from anywhere

Why waste precious storage space on your Mac when you can upload content to other devices and download content from them whenever you want, virtually, without connecting them to your Mac? It’s that easy.

Radio on Mac

More than 10 thousand radio channels at your fingertips

With the JioHome app, you can easily access over 10,000 radio channels on your Mac. Keep yourself entertained with global affairs and music from around the world.

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Focus on content, not the device it’s on

Display content from your Mac on TV or share content from other devices to your Mac. Do both easily.