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Enhancing your
home experience

JioHome app has features such as STB Remote, Gaming Controller, MyMedia for easy content access, all in one app.

Navigation has
never been easier

You can easily navigate through your STBs using the MyRemote feature from the JioHome application.

Navigation has
never been easier

Play your content

Play your content

Have a movie on your phone but want to watch it on a bigger screen? You can play the media from your phone to your TV via Set top Box.

Switch players,
files and storages

You’re in one room, your music is playing in another room, what do you do? You can switch your ongoing content seamlessly between your rooms & devices.

Switch players,
files and storages

Smart App, Smart Features

Soft Remote

Control STB through Soft Remote for smooth navigation


Play Jio Games using soft gamepad instead of physical remote


Play your personal media content over Jio SetTopBox from your smartphone

Search & Play

Search media contents and play on handset or connected Display Device

Manage Playlist & Album

Create/Delete/Edit media playlist and Photos album

Manage Upload & Download

Upload/Download media content to/from connected storage

Frequently Asked Questions

MyMedia feature on your JioHome App dashboard is the screen casting feature that enables you to easily play and share your media content like photos, music and videos stored across devices and connected within the same JioFiber WiFi network. You can also access your media content remotely with this screen mirroring feature on the JioHome app. Additionally, it gives you the convenience to alternatively watch the desired content on any connected TV screen, laptop, mobile handset or tablet.

MyMedia is part of the JioHome Android and iOS App. It works with extreme ease with both the operating systems on smartphones and tablets.

Yes, you can share content from your external HDD/USB Drive. Please connect your external HDD/USB drive to your Jio Home Gateway or Jio Set Top Box, then the HDD/USB will be visible in the list of connected devices in the JioHome App within the JioFiber WiFi network and the content can now be easily played and shared with anyone on the same network.

There is no upper limitation for number of media consumption device on how many devices can use the screen casting feature, however if number of consumption devices exceeds 3, the quality of streaming may get impacted because of the bandwidth limitation in the network.

MyMedia supports most of the media formats but in case any file/format is not supported, a message displays on the screen - Player does not support this file format.

MyRemote is like a Mobile Remote Control for your Jio Set Top Box (JioSTB). It is designed to provide the experience of controlling your JioSTB using application instead of a physical Remote Control. All features / key functions of the physical Remote Control have been added to this mobile remote app to improve your overall experience. MyRemote works seamlessly after pairing it to the JioSTB. Depending upon JioSTB variant, this mobile remote app works either over Bluetooth or WiFi.

MyRemote is available for iOS and Android devices.

To start using MyRemote you will need:
  • An Active JioFiber Connection.
  • JioSTB connected to TV.
  • JioHome application installed on your handheld device.

No, Internet is not required. Depending upon the JioSTB variant, you need your JioSTB and your phone connected to same WiFi network or paired through Bluetooth.

Follow these steps to pair MyRemote with JioSTB over Bluetooth. Please keep physical Remote with you while pairing.
  • Open MyRemote and scan for the JioSTB.
  • Select the JioSTB from the displayed list.
  • Tap on PAIR button on your mobile phone.
  • Click on PAIR button on your TV (connected to JioSTB) using physical remote.
  • Once paired, JioSTB will be highlighted in dark blue. Select the same to start controlling your JioSTB.

MyGamepad is like a Game controller for the games on JioGames. It is designed to provide the experience of playing JioGames using application instead of physical game controller. MyGamepad works only when JioSTB is paired to MyRemote through Bluetooth

There are two ways to open MyGamepad:
  • Manually: Tap on the Gamepad button available on the bottom of the MyRemote screen (available when paired through Bluetooth)
  • Automatic: If any game is launched in JioGames on the JioSTB then the MyGamepad will open automatically.

MyGamepad can be closed by clicking on the close button in the MyGamepad. MyRemote screen displays after closing the MyGamepad.

If the Home icon is clicked then on mobile, MyGamepad will be closed and MyRemote screen will be displayed.
On TV, current game will be stopped and Home screen of the JioSTB will be displayed.

If the Back icon is clicked in MyGamepad, then on TV, current screen will be closed and the previous screen will be displayed.

This feature shows the complete map of the JioFiber network in your house. It will show all the devices connected to the JioFiber Router and Extender devices through LAN and wirelessly.

JioExtender Unit is a Jio Access Point device which extends the WiFi Range of the JioFiber WiFi network in the house.

Kindly ensure mobile phone with JioHome application is connected to same JioFiber WiFi network. Access MyNetwork feature from dashboard of JioHome application and Login using your JioFiber router credentials.

JioHome - MyNetwork works only when mobile is connected to JioFiber Router through WiFi. Please note that it will not work on any Mobile Data.

Please follow installation steps in JioHome-MyNetwork application under Add new device section of the side menu.