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Reimagine digital experiences with JioHome

Turn your phone into a Jio Set-top Box remote or gaming controller, access content remotely, and ensure wider network coverage with the JioHome app on your smartphone.

Easy Navigation

A virtual remote control for all things you do

Not able to find your physical remote? No problem! JioHome’s Soft Remote is the perfect replacement. Switch channels, browse through apps with the ‘Soft Remote’, or play on the JioGames app on the Jio Set-top Box using the ‘Gamepad’.
Manage Media Files

Share, view, play - your media, your way!

View your photos and videos with friends and family, and listen to music on the Jio Set-top Box! With the ‘MyMedia’ feature, share personal content across all connected devices. You can also upload and download files from your phone to connected devices and vice versa.
Remote Access

Wherever you go, your files follow

Always moving from one place to another for work? Or keep forgetting to carry your storage devices? No worries! All your important files, photos, and videos can be accessed from any device connected to the Fiber network.
My Network

Take control of your network and connected devices

Annoyed with lags in online videos or stutters in video calls? The combination of the JioHome app and Jio Wi-Fi Mesh Extender help create a seamless extension for your already existing network which results in wider network coverage across your home.

Smart app, smart feature

An all-in-one app to control your home devices!

An all-in-one app to control your home devices!

A soft remote for controlling the Jio Set-top Box, a soft gamepad for playing on the JioGames app, a built-in media player, remote access content, and a network manager – get everything on the JioHome app.