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Brought to you by Jio Platforms Limited (JPL).

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Brought to you by Jio Platforms Limited (JPL).
Brought to you by Jio Platforms Limited (JPL).
Event Banner
Add Quicklink
Informative Cards

More freedom,
more control

Personalise home-screen with event banners and informative cards. Also, change settings to customise the feed and control the content you receive.

Access via PIN
Biometric Security

Smooth navigation,
secure interface

Block ads for a seamless browsing experience. Save bookmarks in the incognito folder and secure it with a PIN for authentication.

News in your Languages
Regional Top Sites

Powered with
regional language support

Choose from 12 regional languages, access popular regional sites across categories and receive news feed in your preferred regional language.

Scan code
Voice search

browsing experience

Experience the difference with an intuitive interface, equipped with voice search and QR code scanner, enabling smooth navigation.

Gear up for an all-new experience!

Apt for quick searches. Big on online privacy

Set a theme for comfortable reading

Enjoy screen time without straining your eyes, even in a poorly lit environment. As per your liking, choose either a dark or light theme for JioPages and get set, browse.

Bid goodbye to intrusive ads

Annoyed by unwanted ads on your favourite websites? Now block them once and for all to enjoy a fast and hassle-free browsing experience anytime, anywhere.

Get live updates on current events

Cricket, elections or stock market, get one-click access to real-time updates on any live events. Just pin up informative cards to your home screen and stay on top of things.

We’re obsessed about your privacy

Don’t leave a trace behind. Go incognito and browse in private. Also, bookmark your favourite web pages in a private folder and secure it with a PIN.

No more missing important days

Get updates on important national and international days. As soon as you open the browser, our event banner tells you what’s special about today.

Downloading was never this smart

Enjoy better control over downloads with auto categorisation of downloaded files based on the file type. This advanced browser makes content management much easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JioPages is the web browser app by Reliance Jio which lets you change the language for better browsing experience. You can do so by the following steps.
1.1 Go to the hamburger menu
1.2 Tap on 'Settings' and then, select the 'Preference' option
1.3 Click on 'Select app language' and choose the preferred language
With that, you can set the language for the JioPages app.

Tap on the tab icon located at the bottom bar. After that, tap on the '+' icon located at the left bottom of the screen and a new tab will open.

Tap on the hamburger menu and then, select 'Settings'. Over there, in the ‘About’ section, you will find the ‘App version’ details of JioPages.

Your app store (Play Store) will usually indicate whether or not JioPages is out of date and prompt you to update it. To update the app from Play Store, perform the following steps:
  • Open Google Play Store on your device and tap on the menu at the top-left corner of the screen
  • Tap on 'My apps & games' to see your list of installed apps. Your list will tell you which apps need to be updated
  • JioPages for Android will appear in the 'Updates' list. If there is an update available, tap on it
  • Tap on the ‘Update’ button

JioPages allows you to share browsed content via social media channels, email clients as well as native device clients. Perform the following steps to share a page from JioPages.
  • Open the page you want to share, tap on the hamburger menu and then, select the 'Share' option in your browser
  • You may choose any of the listed options of channels – email, social media or messaging apps - to complete the sharing process

  • Go to the web-page you want to bookmark, tap on the hamburger menu and then, select the 'Add page to' option on your JioPages browser
  • Select 'Bookmarks'. Here you may edit the name of the bookmarked page on the browser and after that, tap on the ‘Add’ button to save it in the Bookmarks section
  • To view the bookmarked web-pages in JioPages, go to the hamburger menu and tap on Bookmarks. All the bookmarked links would be seen listed there

  • Go to the hamburger menu and then, tap on the 'Find in page' option in your browser
  • Enter the text you want to search in the text box, the page will scroll up to the section where the content is and it will be highlighted too

Incognito Browsing supports the following:
  • Prevents history, passwords and entries from being saved
  • Blocks cookies, temporary internet files and third-party tracking elements on web-pages you visit
  • Allows you to browse in the Incognito mode so that others using your phone can't see the pages you visit
To enable the Incognito mode, just tap on the hamburger menu, select the 'Incognito' icon and it’s done.

  • Go to the hamburger menu
  • Select the history icon
  • Tap on 'Clear all history'
With that, your browsing history gets cleared.

Go to the hamburger menu, there select ‘Settings’. Under 'Privacy', choose 'Clear browsing data'. After that, select the 'Basic' option, ‘Time range’ such as 'Last hour' or 'All time' and the types of information that you want to clear. In the end, tap on 'Clear data' and with that, cache, cookies and web storage data are cleared.