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Watch Movies Online, TV Shows & Music Video

Entertainment at your fingertips One-stop destination to watch free Movies online, TV Shows, Originals, Music Videos and Latest Trailers

  • Available on Mobile, Tablet, JioPhone, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Jio Set-Top Box, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Desktop and Tizen Phone.
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  • Download My Jio App for Android
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10,000+ Movies Online I 700+ TV Shows & Web Series I 70,000+ Music Videos

10,000+ Movies Online I 700+ TV Shows & Web Series I 70,000+ Music Videos

Jio On Demand App - HD Movies

Jio On Demand App - HD Movies

Jio On Demand App - HD Movies

Download & watch your favorite movies and TV shows offline to stream anytime anywhere

JioCinema now comes with 'Download' feature.

Download & watch your favorite movies and TV shows offline to stream anytime anywhere

Jio On Demand App - HD Movies

JioCinema now comes with 'Download' feature.

Jio Cinema - Anytime Anywhere

Smart App, Smart Features

Multiple Audio and Subtitles

Watch your favourite content with subtitles and in the audio language of your choice


Download & watch your favourite content like Movies, TV shows online as well as offline


Enjoy the best Movies and TV shows on a bigger screen using Chromecast

Voice Search

Tap on the mic icon in the search bar to speak & search the content of your choice.

Jio Cinema App - Movie Dock Player
Dock Player

Movie app with Dock player feature lets you watch & browse simultaneously

Jio Cinema App - Movie Dock Player
My List

Add any Movie or TV show to your watch list. Watch it later on any device.

Jio Cinema App - Movie Dock Player
Video Quality Selection

Select the preferred quality to stream Movies & TV shows online (Low, Medium, High)

Jio Cinema App - Movie Dock Player
Continue Watching

Entertainment continues from where you left off, syncs across devices


28 FEB 2017Pradeep Tekale Jio Cinema App Review - Pradeep Tekale

I guess my mother is on a movie spree. She is enjoying movies on JioCinema.

28 FEB 2017Deepak Raj TV Series Review - Deepak Raj

With the ‘Download’ feature, I can watch movies offline, while travelling.

28 FEB 2017Ashish Arora Movies Review - Ashish Arora

JioCinema, an awesome app. Watching movies is fun when you can see it anytime, online or offline.

28 FEB 2017Uday Mayekar Music Videos Review - Uday Mayekar

Love this app. Excellent app, I can watch my favourite comedy programme as per my schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I download JioCinema? 
You can download JioCinema from: 1. For Android devices - Google Playstore 2. For iOS devices - Appstore 3. For Samsung Z2 devices: Tizen Store
What are the key features of JioCinema? 
JioCinema enables you to view your favourite movies, TV shows, trailers and videos. Few of our unique features are:
  • Resume Watching– Watch online movies and TV Shows across any of your devices from where you last paused on any other device.
  • Watch List Feature – Add your favourite TV series online and movies to your watch list and view them anytime as per your convenience.
  • Auto Play TV Series - If you are watching a TV show, the next episode of the show starts automatically when the current one ends. There is no need for you to search for the next episode and then hit play.
  • Dock Player function – Unlike many other movie apps JioCinema has the dock the player to browse through other content while the video is getting played.
  • Voice Search- You can simply speak out the name of your favorite movies, show, actors and you will be presented with a list of relevant content from our library
  • Bitrate selection- Choose the quality at which you want to play the movie or tv show online based on internet speed (high, medium, low, auto)
  • Download- This movie app also has the download feature so that you can download your favorite content & watch it offline.
How can I watch a movie or TV show on JioCinema? 
To watch TV show or movies online tap on any Movie or TV Show available on the Home screen of the app.
You can also browse our vast library of content by accessing Movies, TV Shows, music videos, short videos and trailers section from the navigation panel (left navigation panel in iOS and Top-centre navigation panel in Android). For easy discovery of movies or TV shows online on the app you also have the option to browse by Language & genres.
If you want to watch particular movie on the app, go to Search and type the movie title; or search by your favourite actor, genre etc.
I added a content for download but it is showing queued. What should I do? 

1) Ensure that you are on the latest version of JioCinema.

2) Check your internet connection

3) Check if there is enough storage space in your device

If the above steps do not solve the issue, please chat with us by clicking

What is JioCinema? 
JioCinema is an on demand video library from the house of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd where you can watch popular movies, reality shows and TV shows online. On this cinema app you will find movies, TV Shows, music videos, Jio shorts, documentaries & trailers and much more. Now explore best studios of the world and watch your favourite music videos, TV shows, movies online, etc. in a highly optimized and world-class video streaming experience
I receive ‘Network is not available’ message when I try to open JioCinema app. 

1) Please ensure your device internet has minimum of 1 Mbps speed

2) Check your network connectivity by opening any website on your device browser (safari in iOS, chrome in Android).

3) Pause all activities which consume lot of bandwidth (e.g. downloading content, video-chatting)

4) Restart the device & check again.

If the above steps do not solve the issue, please chat with us by clicking

Where do I find out recently viewed movies/TV shows? 
Any online movie or TV episode that you have not watched completely gets added in your ‘Resume Watching’ section. You can find 'Resume Watching' section on your Home screen of the movie app. You can also remove content by tapping on the cross button present on the thumbnail. Your 'Resume Watching' section syncs across devices for same user credentials.
To discover TV shows online easily, we create a separate category called 'TV shows you watch' mentioning all TV shows you have watched in the past one month.