IP-based connectivity to power voice and data services

Jio SIP Trunk is an IP based voice service that allows you to make and receive calls through IP-PBX over a single link, scaling from 10 to 5,000 simultaneous call sessions. With Jio SIP Trunk you can provide a unique number to each desk with an ability to send and receive voice calls. It is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to legacy ISDN PRIs.

This scalable solution allows for quick and easy upgrade or reduction of voice channels as per requirement. It is easy to integrate and manage as it works on IP protocol. Jio SIP Trunk provides solution for both inbound and outbound calling, including Telemarketing Trunks and ISD facility.

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India's leading conferencing provider reaches a billion users
Case Study

India's leading conferencing provider reaches a billion users

Seamless experience across locations
Case Study

Jio's MPLS enabled Sagar Cement's transformation

Footwear manufacturer improves communication efficiency
Case Study

Footwear manufacturer improves communication efficiency

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