Internet Leased Line

Dedicated internet connectivity for businesses

For businesses to run smoothly, the basic need is to have consistent, fast, reliable and secure connectivity to perform business tasks. An Internet Leased Line or ILL is a premium Internet connectivity service that is dedicated and provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. Businesses also get an option for burstable bandwidth to meet sudden traffic spikes or growing business needs.

With an ILL connection from Jio, you get dedicated, secure and symmetrical bandwidth backed by Enterprise-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA). Jio's unmatched caching and peering capabilities provide seamless user experience across interfacing platforms. The service is supported with a state-of-the-art digital Self-Care portal that allows for end-to-end management of service. In addition to this, with over 1,000+ Jio Centers, you can be assured that support is always close at hand.

Let's choose the internet type for your business

As per your business type, size, and scale at which it operates, here are the internet types you can choose from.

Dedicated Internet

  • Dedicated Internet is a standard business enabler which offers dedicated, 1:1 bandwidth backed with industry leading SLA
  • This is to ensure that your network is always up and your employees are facilitated to work without any hassle

Clean Internet

  • Clean Internet provides protection from DDoS attack. You can opt for this service with the mitigation bandwidth as per your need
  • This is a Cloud-based service backed with industry leading SLA

Managed Internet

  • Managed Internet provides you the flexibility to outsource the network monitoring and management to Jio
  • Managed Internet is bundled with Jio-provided router on rental model and helps in proactive monitoring and reporting of your link through Self-Care portal


Go for the internet type with most features aligned with your business requirements.
FeaturesDedicated Internet AccessClean InternetManaged Internet
Bundled CPE/router
Proactive monitoring
Network reports- latency, packet loss, jitter and CPE reports
Change and configuration management
Auto TT and notification
Dedicated bandwidth
Symmetric bandwidth (same upload and download speed)
Easy upgrade up to 100 Gbps
Burstable bandwidth
Multiple last mile options
Support for routing protocol (Static, BGP)
Self-Care access
Committed SLA for up-time, latency, jitter and packet loss
Dual Stack support
Digital payment option
Performance reporting - bandwidth and interface utilization
DDoS Mitigation

What you get with Internet Leased Line

Know how each feature of Internet Leased Line will help in transforming your business.

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Parul university boosts connectivity through ILL

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Learning never stops with JioBusiness

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