Fully managed and highly secure connectivity solution

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) play a crucial role in fueling economic growth and innovation. However, they face significant challenges, particularly concerning cybersecurity threats and the escalating costs associated with managing networks. When it comes to daily business operations, businesses expect the following from any network provider - seamless connectivity, secure data exchange, and easy management.

Introducing Jio’s GrowNet Solutions, which includes reliable internet Leased Line connectivity with end-to-end managed services and advanced security. GrowNet Solutions transforms business networks from complex legacy architectures to modern and managed systems, offering protection against cyber threats

Tailored variants for differing business needs

1. GrowNet
  • Dedicated SLA-based internet
2. GrowNet Plus
  • Dedicated SLA-based internet
  • Managed services
  • Enterprise-grade router
3. GrowNet Secure
  • Dedicated SLA-based internet
  • Managed services
  • Next-gen networking CPE
  • Basic security including stateful firewall
4. GrowNet Secure Pro
  • Dedicated SLA-based internet
  • Managed services
  • Next-gen networking CPE
  • Advanced security including Next-gen firewall, UTM-antivirus, antispam

Choose the best GrowNet variant for your business

FeaturesGrowNetGrowNet PlusGrowNet SecureGrowNet Secure Pro
Symmetric bandwidth
Static IPv4 and IPv6 with dual stack
Dedicated bandwidth
Read only access
Installation and change management
Auto TT and notification
Performance reports
Repair and replacement
Policy management
Multiple protocol support
Auto failover
Application visibility
Zero Touch Provisioning
IP Sec
Stateful firewall
URL / Content filtering
Anti virus
File filtering & DLP
Enterprise grade router
Next Gen Networking CPE
Next Gen Networking CPE

What you get with GrowNet Solutions

Know how each feature of GrowNet Solutions will help in transforming your business

Jio Advantage

Diversified advantages that GrowNet Solutions brings to your business.


Here the latest insights, information, and happy interactions around our GrowNet Solutions.
Introducing GrowNet Solutions
Service Video

Introducing GrowNet Solutions

The need for secure managed internet for businesses

The need for secure managed internet for businesses

The right internet to transform your business

The right internet to transform your business

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