Smart Street Lighting

Intelligent lighting infrastructure for energy optimization

JioThings Smart Street Lighting solution is a cost-effective and sustainable choice as it is a one-stop-shop solution and provides all the components for building an intelligent lighting infrastructure. Our solution helps in energy savings, fault detection and usage analysis. The solution components include NB-IoT enabled communication modules that integrate with LED drivers and retrofit luminaires.

Modules are compatible with leading OEMs. Feeder controllers (Remote Terminal Units – RTU) are also available for more granular control. Pan India NB-IoT connectivity covering 95%+ of census population ensures extensive coverage. With insightful dashboards one can monitor and manage all connected street lights for a summarized status, map-views and analysis using Cloud infrastructure.

Block Architecture

Smart Street Lighting

What you get with Smart Street Lighting

Know how each feature of Smart Street Lighting will help in transforming your business.

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Diversified advantages that Smart Street Lighting brings to your business.

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