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Today, organizations are moving their business operations online and looking at all-time availability, reliability and security. It has become imperative for businesses to secure their website, applications and network from various external attacks – a significant one being Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

A DDoS attack occurs when multiple systems are used to overwhelm the available bandwidth or resources of a server hardware, application, service or any other targeted system of an organization. This causes the targeted system to offer a severely degraded service or may lead to a complete failure of operations, resulting in revenue loss, customer churn and reputational damage for the organization. With attacks like these increasing in frequency and impact, organizations are recognizing the need of a robust mechanism for detecting and mitigating these attacks.

Jio DDoS Mitigation has the ability to detect and mitigate large bandwidth attacks over Jio’s core internet backbone.

Reliable security shield for your business

As per your business type, size, and scale at which it operates, here are the security features you can opt for.
  • Detection of attacks through common attack patterns, IP repudiation and previous data assists
  • Re-routing traffic to DDoS scrubbing center using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing, to scrub and drop DDoS traffic based on predefined attributes
  • Scrubbing system weeds out the malicious traffic and drops it, while rest ‘clean’ traffic is sent back to the customer's network
  • The malicious traffic pattern is logged and detailed analysis is undertaken for forensic, hardening of security and recording purposes

What you get with DDoS Mitigation

Know how each feature of DDoS Mitigation will help in transforming your business.

Jio Advantage

Diversified advantages that DDoS Mitigation brings to your business.

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