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Monitor, Analyse and Respond to cyber threats

Businesses are facing more complex cyber threats in today’s digital world where a single breach can result in costly downtime, data loss, and reputational damage. To run an efficient cybersecurity management program, a centralized security team can serve as first responders to any cyber threat thus minimizing security breaches. That is why it is important to have a Security Operation Centre (SOC) in place. Jio’s CyberSOC monitors and analyses an organization’s IT infrastructure for signs of malicious activity and security incidences. SOC teams comprise of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals (JioRakshaks™) who have the expertise to quickly detect and respond to threats.CyberSOC is a part of the vast cybersecurity services portfolio of Jio – the JioRaksha™ portfolio.

CyberSOC powered by Microsoft Sentinel offers hybrid Cloud capabilities, to operate SOC services required to support enterprises. This is a resilient cybersecurity operation for end-to-end network visibility along with proactive threat detection and response solution.

What you get with CyberSOC

Know how each feature of Jio CyberSOC will help your business to be more cyber resilient.


Jio CyberSOC services variants available for enterprises.
SOC FeaturesBasicStandardPremium
Business window support
Remote delivery model
Shared ticketing
Shared ticketing
Dedicated key resources
Notification services
Automated email to client provided ITSM
Email / SMS / Automated incident call flow
Email / SMS / Automated Incident call flow
Proactive threat hunting
2 hours per week
8 hours per week
24 hours per week
SecOps Administration & Maintenance
2 hours per week
4 hours per week
8 hours per week
Data connectors (Log source integration with Sentinel)
Free ingestion log sources available in sentinel
SIEM platform supported connectors
SIEM platform supported connectors + out of the box integration
Defender monitoring
Based on alert notification
Self-initiated alert investigation
Self-initiated alert investigation & ATR
Defender secure score review
Once a week
Report + Workbooks+ Automation
Built-In Reports & Workbooks, Automation
Built-In + customized
Built-In + customized
Incident management
Incident alerting & notification
Incident alerting & notification + advisory for remediation with guided support
Incident alerting & notification + advisory for remediation with guided support for reporting RCA
Service review
Analytical rule creation
Built-In analytical rules creation for free data log sources
Built-In analytical rules creation for microsoft sentinel supported log sources
Built-In + customized analytical rules creations for all integrated log sources
Custom parser logs
Built-in default
Built-in default
Built-in default + pre-defined use-cases approved by JioRakshaks™
Hybrid Cloud/ On-prem environment support

Jio Advantage

Diversified advantages that Jio CyberSOC brings to your business.

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