Toll Free Number Service for Business

Toll Free Number Provider
Toll-Free Number (TFN) is a virtual single number that customers can dial to reach a business anytime, anywhere from across the nation, absolutely free of charge to them. Jio TFN Service is based on state-of-the-art fully convergent IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform. These numbers are accessible by all the operators across India. This service comes with Self-Care portal to define terminating number and intelligent routing on a real-time basis.

With Jio’s TFN you get intelligent routing to meet your business requirements:

  • Region Based
  • Personalized treatment to callers basis region of call origin
  • Define different routing of incoming calls basis region
  • Time Based
  • Manage distribution of calls basis time of day
  • Define separate routing logics basis day of week or holidays
  • Load Based
  • Distribute call traffic between various locations
  • Optimize call center and manpower costs
  • Combination Based
  • Combine two different routings to create specific routing logics
  • Create your own routing logic by combining various call routing and distribution logics

What You Get

  • Dedicated Connection
    Standard Routing

    Default call distribution to multiple terminating numbers

  • Dedicated Connection
    Intelligent Routing

    Three call routing and three call distribution logics providing over twelve different call configuration logics

  • Dedicated Connection
    Black/ White Listing

    Allow or disallow calls to access Toll-Free Number basis their region of origin (Telecom circle)

  • Dedicated Connection
    Vanity Number

    Choose special number most suited to your business, for easy recall

  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Barring

    Block numbers from accessing the Toll-Free Number

  • Dedicated Connection
    Digital Self-Care

    Manage routing preferences and service life cycle from the online portal providing real-time configurations

  • Dedicated Connection
    24x7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Tariff Plans

Number Selection As per Availability As per Choice
Details PLAN 499 PLAN 50000
Refundable security deposit ₹999 ₹999
Monthly rental ₹499 ₹50,000
Free call value ₹499 ₹50,000
Usage charge per second 1.2 Paisa i.e. (72 paisa/ min) 1 Paisa i.e. (60 paisa/ min)

Jio Advantage

  • Dedicated Connection

    Maximum Uptime

    Fully redundant core with the highest uptimes ensuring your business is always up and running
  • Per Second Billing

    Jio provides per second billing which helps reduce the costs significantly
  • Dedicated Connection

    Call Termination

    Terminate the Jio TFN call on any Jio Mobile or Fixed Line Number of any domestic operator


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