Threat & Vulnerability Management

Threat & Vulnerability Program Management

Rising cyber-attacks and newly emerging security vulnerabilities bring unknown challenges to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Exposure to cyber risks can culminate into incidents such as cyber-attacks, malware infections, ransomware, web page compromises and data breaches. We have developed comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) Services that ensure holistic view of security vulnerabilities across the organization’s digital landscape.

Jio TVM services offer foundational layer security that help organizations identify vulnerabilities with security patching and hardening/ secure configuration of servers, containers, networking devices, virtualization layer, and Cloud infrastructure.

What You Get

  • Vulnerability Management
    Vulnerability Management

    Get up-to-date view of security status and help prevent specific types of vulnerabilities

  • Configuration Review
    Configuration Review

    Securely review configuration and hardening of operating system parameters

  • Container Security Assessment
    Container Security Assessment

    Assess containers for vulnerability, secure configuration and malware

  • Security Penetration Testing
    Security Penetration Testing

    Explore mock scenarios to identify hackable infrastructure loopholes

  • Threat Advisory Services
    Threat Advisory Services

    Get notification of latest security vulnerabilities and their severity for various technologies

  • Centralized Governance & Management
    Centralized Governance & Management

    Manage your assets vulnerabilities and reporting centrally

  • Digital Self-Care
    Digital Self-Care

    An intuitive Digital Self-Care to manage your services


Features Starter
Advance Service Expert
Vulnerability Scanning
Type of scans
(Authenticated scan: Scan performed with credentials of the system)
Un-Authenticated scans Authenticated scans Authenticated
Detection of open N/W ports done done done
Discovering potential attack vectors in the system Partial Full Full
Security Patches required for the system Partial Full Full
Detailed review and verification of configuration settings close done done
Existence of assessment for weak authentication close close done
Minimum number of IPs/ active instances considered for scan 10 25 50
Scan frequency (No. of scans/ month) 1 2 Continuous/ on demand
Infrastructure and Platform Coverage
Servers (Physical/ Virtual) done done done
Infrastructure systems and network devices done done done
Hypervisors close done done
Supported Cloud platform (AWS, Azure and GCP) close done done
Mainstream containers architecture supported close close done
Penetration Test
White Box penetration testing
(Internal network test with prior information about the network and internal systems)
close close done
Black Box penetration testing
(External network test, without prior knowledge of internal network and systems)
close done done
Reports and Support
Reporting done done done
Systematic and accurate briefing of issues close done done
Risk view - local and remotely hackable issues close close done
Remediation guidance close done done
Post remediation rescan close done done
Vulnerability Program Management
Portal access close close done
Compliance management - PCI DSS, NIST and CIS close done done
Customised hardening guidelines for infrastructure components such as OS, NW, DB and MW close close done
End-to-end management of vulnerability during its lifecycle, from assessment to remediation support close done done
Automated tracking and mail notifications close close done
Management of reporting for security exceptions close close done
Zero Day Vulnerability (ZDV)- advisory and support
(ZDV: An attack that has zero days between vulnerability being discovered and the first attack)
close close done

Jio Advantage

  • Cost & Resource Optimization

    Cost & Resource Optimization

    Cost saving on security tool/ software licenses, optimization of resources
  • Comprehensive Program

    Comprehensive Program

    Complete vulnerability management program for your technology stack and infra components
  • Expert led Assisted Care

    Expert led Assisted Care

    Support all customers within defined SLA timelines
  • Extensive Security Expertise

    Extensive Security Expertise

    JioRakshaks™ - Vast pool of trained and certified security experts
  • Flexible Assessments

    Flexible Assessments

    Assessment reports to aligned to global industry standards and compliances
  • Domain Expertise

    Domain Expertise

    Decades of experience in cyber defense and response


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