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Business MPLS VPN solutions

Jio Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that enables you to create private connectivity over geographically distributed locations. Unlike public internet, MPLS VPN solution ensures that traffic is never exposed to public network and hence provides high security. The solution can also help you prioritize critical traffic in a multi-application environment. Jio provides MPLS VPN solution over Layer 2 or Layer 3, basis business requirements. Businesses also get an option for burstable bandwidth to meet sudden traffic spikes or growing business needs. Jio also provides Mobile VPN solution to help feet-on-street employees connect securely to the enterprise network. Mobile VPN is a cost-effective solution to connect remote locations.

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  • Provider devices forward customer packets based on destination IP address
  • Routing information is controlled by service providers’ network
  • The service provider determines the policies and routing
  • Customers must share information about their network topology to service provider
  • This solution scales well wherein site peers with directly connected Provider Edge (PE) routers only
  • This supports MPLS Full Mesh VPNs and Jio manages backbone network security policies
  • Backed with Service Level Agreement (SLAs) on uptime, MTTR, latency, packet drop and jitter
  • Provider devices forward customer packets based on MAC address
  • Customers manage traffic routing on their own through backbone
  • Customers do not require to share information about the network topology, policies, routing information, etc. to service provider
  • This supports limited scalability due to MAC learning and is preferred if locations are less than 10 and site peers with all other sites
  • This solution supports Point-to-Point circuit types and customer manages network security policies
  • Backed with Service Level Agreement (SLAs) on uptime, MTTR, latency, packet drop and jitter


Features Standard MPLS L2/ L3 Managed L3 VPN
Bundled CPE/ router - done
Proactive monitoring - done
Network reports- latency, packet loss, jitter and CPE reports - done
Change and configuration management - done
Auto TT and Notification - done
4 Class of Service (CoS) done done
Dedicated bandwidth done done
Symmetric bandwidth (same upload and download) done done
High bandwidth availability up to 100 Gbps done done
Burstable bandwidth done done
Multiple last mile options done done
Support for routing protocol (Static, BGP) done done
Self-Care access done done
Committed SLA for uptime, latency, jitter and packet loss done done
Digital payment option done done
Performance reporting - bandwidth and interface utilization done done

What You Get

  • Dedicated Connection
    Diverse Topology

    Support for both Hub & Spoke and Full Mesh for efficient network operation

  • Dedicated Connection
    Routing Protocols

    Supports Static and BGP routing for managing network traffic

  • Dedicated Connection 3
    Point of Presence

    Largest VPN network with 550+ PoPs for global connectivity

  • Dedicated Connection
    Class of Service

    Prioritization of business-critical and latency-sensitive traffic in a multi-application environment

  • Dedicated Connection

    Private and secured connectivity service with no exposure to internet or public networks

  • Burstable Bandwidth
    Burstable Bandwidth

    Option to burst up to five times of the base bandwidth at minimal additional charges

  • Dedicated Connection
    Scalable Bandwidth

    Ability to upgrade up to 10 Gbps bandwidth that supports heavy data-consuming applications

  • Dedicated Connection
    24 X 7 Assisted Care

    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

  • Dedicated Connection

    Largest Infra

    1600+ cities fiber connectivity
    2,50,000+ 4G Towers
    Exabyte capacity at the network core making Jio the world’s largest data network
  • Maximum On-Net Deployment

    Maximum deployments on Jio-owned last mile media
    Effective implementation of SLAs
  • Managed services

    Managed services

    Change and configuration management, performance reports, proactive monitoring and dedicated service desk
  • Security

    Secure network infrastructure to eliminate any security breach
    Full regulatory compliance
  • Scalable

    Managed deployment and support for 1000s of locations
    Add/ delete locations and bandwidth to scale rapidly with business growth
  • Dedicated Connection

    Digital Self-Care

    Intuitive digital portal to securely manage your account


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