IP Centrex solution from Jio is a service where the functionalities of a PBX are simulated on the Cloud to provide a highly scalable and cost-effective Enterprise voice communication solution for your business.
With IP Centrex you can enjoy features like HD voice calling over fixed line network for on-net calling. You can have your own Private Numbering Plan (Intercom dialing) within your office Centrex User Group, completely free of charge. IP Centrex can also facilitate Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) for integrated connectivity between fixed and wireless telecommunication networks. This service gives you freedom from worries of technology obsolescence as Jio take care of all technology upgrades at no additional cost.

What You Get

  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Transfer
    Transfer calls to any other user within the same Centrex group
  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Hold
    Retain an existing call while accepting or dialling another call using the same end instrument
  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Waiting Service
    While on call, get details of another incoming call with option to switch between the two calls
  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Forwarding Unconditionally
    Option to divert all incoming calls to another Jio landline or Jio mobile number
  • Dedicated Connection
    Call Hunting
    Pick up every single call by routing an incoming call to multiple lines in predefined sequence
  • Dedicated Connection
    Fixed Mobile Convergence
    Never miss a call with features like simultaneous ringing
  • Dedicated Connection
    Private Numbering Plan
    Create your own private numbering plan of 2 to 6 digits for using within the Centrex group
  • Dedicated Connection
    Digital Self-Care
    Online Self-Care portal to manage the services and view status/ service details
  • Dedicated Connection
    24x7 Assisted Care
    Ready to service your needs at all times

Jio Advantage

  • Dedicated Connection


    End-to-end IP-based technology

  • Maximum Uptime

    Fully redundant core with highest uptimes to keep your business up and running ,always

  • Dedicated Connection

    Unlimited National Calling

    Unlimited calling with flat rental plans

  • Innovative Features

    Call transfer, intercom dialing, call forward, dynamic lock, call hunting and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

  • Managed Service

    Completely managed service by Jio


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