Jio International Roaming Plans

Travelling abroad?

Don't forget to explore Jio's International Roaming plans for seamless connectivity overseas.
Jio's International Roaming plans
Jio's International Roaming plans
Jio's International Roaming plans

Perfected for foreign trips

Simply recharge before travelling and start texting, calling, or posting pictures as soon as you reach your destination.
Wi-Fi Calling
Wi-Fi Calling
Wi-Fi Calling

International Wi-Fi Calling

Connect with family, friends, colleagues, and all those who matter in India over Wi-Fi calls from anywhere in the world.

In-flight connectivity

Now make and receive calls, send text messages, or use the internet 20,000 feet above the ground. But do check if the pack covers your airlines and the route you'll travel before buying.
In-flight Connectivity
In-flight Connectivity
In-flight Connectivity

Get set, roam

Know how to activate International Roaming plans.

Steps to activate on the MyJio app.

Monitor usage from anywhere

Keep check on your usage in real-time through the MyJio app.

Download the MyJio app
Available on Play Store and App Store for Android and Apple users respectively.
Select MyUsage in the menu
You can check usage details in real-time from the menu section of MyJio.
View calls, SMS and data details
Your every event would be listed and tagged as ‘Roam’ in the MyUsage list.

Always here to help you

Reach us at +917018899999 for support on International Roaming (charges applicable when roaming abroad).
international roaming
international roaming
international roaming

Key points to remember

If you’re activating the International Roaming (or IR) pack for the first time, ensure your number is connected to Jio network.
To reduce data usage, turn off or restrict background apps that refresh or update automatically.
To enjoy Wi-Fi Calling benefits, enable Wi-FI Calling on your device. Before that, check here if your device is compatible.
Turn on your device when you reach your destination and ensure data roaming is switched on.
If not able to register your device with the roaming network automatically, select the available network manually.

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